Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Avatar: Sensational Medicine chapter Three

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Avatar: Sensational Medicine chapter Three

Chapter 3: Earth-bending

“So… Sex…” Toph thought aloud on her way over to Aang. “Well, this will be interesting. Never done it before.”

Toph was always quite blunt, when it came to these matters.

Being blind, she felt no shame as she undressed, as she didn’t have any conceptions about appearance or judgments (Although she understood the idea, it never actually registered with her subconscious.) She had to admit, she had been looking forward to this. A large part of her had always admired the Airbender, since he was the one who had taught her to be free and not controlled by her parents. She felt a special bond with him and was willing to do anything for him. Plus, the whole sex-thing intrigued her.

It was quite a shame that Toph was blind. She would never be able to see what a beautiful body she had. It was ironic that Toph was such a tomboy, because if you had to use one word to sum up her body after puberty, it would probably be “angelic” Her hair had grown long, and despite poor personal hygiene, was quite smooth and silky. Her breasts, though not as big as Katara’s, were nothing to sniff at. They were quite large in their own right, and with creamy, milky skin composing them they were as soft to the touch as velvet, yet quite firm in consistency. Her body was tight. It wasn’t quite as curvy as some of the other girls, yet not scrawny by any means. She had also grown much taller, now being about Sokka’s old height (Sokka, of course, was still taller than her now, having grown quite a bit himself)

In short, she was drop-dead gorgeous.

“You ready for this Twinkle-toes?” she asked, snapping Aang back to reality. He had drifted off into La-La-land, while staring at her. How could it have taken him this long to realize how beautiful she had become?

She placed her hand upon his chest, as she sat down on his stomach. She smirked before gracefully spinning around and bending over to place her head above his penis. All Aang could think at the new sight of Toph’s bottom was “Damn, that’s a nice view”

“W-Wait! Toph! I’m married to Katara!” Aang protested, suddenly realizing what was happening. “Aang,” Katara began, “Just this once, it’s fine. This is the only way to cure you. That’s why all of these girls are here” “All of these…” Aang blushed furiously, realizing the fun time ahead of him.

“So, this is a penis…” Toph commented, holding the soft flesh in her hands. Her vibrations didn’t afford her any kind of detail on a person’s body, so feeling it in her hands allowed her to picture a surprisingly accurate mental image. She was amazed as the seemingly dead hunk of mass in her tiny hands magically sprung to life, becoming hard and stiff. Toph, having begun puberty during their adventures, resulting in an awkward conversation, had become fascinated with sex from the beginning. Upon returning to the Bei Fong estate (Have you ever noticed how Toph is the only character with a last name?) She had proceeded to force her servants to go forth, collect as much material on the subject as possible, and read it aloud to her (Which was very awkward for them)

So, Toph has a pretty good idea of what she was dealing with here. She took the penis in her hands and began vigorously yanking it up and down. This was totally different from what Aang was used to. Since the gentle, maternal Katara had been his only partner to date, Aang had only had gentle, loving sex. This was much more fast-paced and dynamic… And it was awesome.

Toph furrowed her brow in concentration, as she energetically jerked Aang off. Feeling herself become aroused, she reached down to her waist and began rubbing and stroking herself, especially around her clit. Seeing this only served to make Aang more aroused, and pushed him towards his next orgasm, covering Toph’s face in the white mess.

Curious, Toph rubbed some off and tasted it. “Salty…” she thought aloud as she wiped the rest away.

The other girls winced at the sight. What was wrong with this girl?

Gaining more of his strength back, Aang sat up, and positioned himself over Toph. Now, Aang was unclear on something. What it was, I’m not sure. No one ever told him either Toph was a virgin, it hurts when women lose their virginity or not to ever take a virgin from behind, because that makes the pain worse (The pain is caused by the tearing of the hymen. From behind, the penis enters at a different angle, gets deeper in certain areas, and tears the hymen more fully).

Whatever the situation, he plowed into Toph’s virgin vagina doggy style. Toph fought to keep back the tears. Aang immediately realized he’d made a mistake when he saw the blood. Feeling his vibrations, Toph assured “It’s fine… Go ahead… but I’m going to kill you later…”

Aang leaned down, placed his head on Toph’s shoulder, wrapped his arms around her stomach, and proceeded to thrust in and out of her. Being the tomboy that she was, Toph soon got over the pain, and found herself displeased with Aang. “Faster! Please!” she cried out.

“She does realize that we’re helping him, right?” Mai asked.

Still, Aang was just as concerned about Toph as himself, and complied. Toph absolutely loved the rough feeling as Aang plowed into her ferociously. His left hand moved north and began viciously attacking her breasts. He used his other hand to guide Toph’s face towards him, so he could plunge his tongue into her mouth and begin exploring every crevice. Toph cried out as her first orgasm rocked her body.

Not done yet, Toph pushed Aang down on the bed, holding him there with her surprisingly strong arms. She may be helping him, but she’s still Toph damn it! Dominance is her middle name (Apparantly she’s the only character with one of those either…Actually, Sokka and Katara had last names for a while when they were Mr. and Mrs. Fire…) She lifted herself up and came down upon his rock hard cock with the force of the boulders she moved with her magic Asian shit… As he winced in pleasure, she rode him up and down like she was on top of a zebra-donkey. He felt like he was about to explode from the sheer wetness of her vagina as she moaned out various cries of pleading and ecstasy. She lifted her well-developed breasts to her face and began sucking her own nipples as her secong orgasm rocked her body like a hurricane. (Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!… Actually, that could be a sex-pun… This chapter uses the word “Rock” a lot…)

Hours later, Toph fell over, exhausted. “Tag me out! Please!” she cried. The plea was met with a sigh. “I guess that means it’s my turn… I’d hoped I could use this freebee with the steamy servant boy in the garden… oh well, some things just aren’t meant to be…” Immediately recognizing the voice, Aang looked up to see a naked fire-lady staring him in the face.

Fire nation girls were definitely a breed apart.

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