Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Suki and Sokka part Two: Aang

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Suki and Sokka part Two: Aang

Suki and Sokka stood still at the door. In a distance a small hoot cam from a flying owl. Suki threw a side look at Aang. Um what brings you here.. Suki spoke before being interrupted by Sokka shouting Aang! Sokka ran up to him and hugged him as if he was a long lost brother. Its good to see you Sokka sputtered Aang under his breath as he was being twirled by Sokka. Sokka placed him back on his feet and Aang felt a little bit dizzy. Anyway Suki charmed in, what brings you here at this time Aang? Aang dragged his feet. Actually Suki, I left sometime mid day and recently just got here. I would have sent a message, but I couldnt.

Sokka stood firm again, why didnt you send Momo then? Aang gave a dirty look at Sokka. Maybe because you have Momo Aang answered sarcastically. Sokka nodded, oh right. Momo, Aang is here. A small squeak came out the flying-lemur landed on Aangs head. Hey Momo. Its great to see you. Suki yawned in the background.

Sokka looked over at her and kissed her on the cheek. Well Aang, I would love to talk to you more, but Suki and I were about to head to bed. If you want we have a spare room that you can sleep in.

That would be great Sokka. Aang said smiling and patted Momo on the head. As Suki and Sokka turned to lead Aang inside to the spare room, Aang focused his eyes on Sukis ass. She was kind of walking funny as if it was in pain, but for some reason Aang couldnt keep his eyes off of it has it swayed in robe that Suki was wearing. Aang licked his lips and thought to himself, boy how I would love to fuck that ass just like Sokka did. Suki looked backed and notice that Aangs eyes were following the sway of her ass. Mhm Suki thought, maybe its time I teach Aang about a life lesson that he needs to learn about.

Well Aang, here is your room for tonight Sokka said. Sokka hugged Aang one last time and started to head to his room. Goodnight Aang Suki said and hugged him. As she hugged him, she could feel Aangs crotch poking her pelvis. He is horny Suki thought to herself. She turned to follow Sokka and closed the door. Aang lay down on the bed and began to rub his crotch through his pants. Oh Suki, I know we will probably have a magical time Aang muttered to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

Mmm groaned Aang as he rolled around the bed. The morning sun was beating down on him through the window. He carefully rubbed his eyes and sat on the edge of the bed rubbing his face. Aang got up and open his door. It was pure silence within the house. There was no sarcastic jokes coming from Sokka or no warrior grunts coming from Suki. Aang looked into Sokkas and Sukis bedroom and found no sign of them in there. Aang decided to look around the room for the fun of it and was quite astound on what he found. Lying in plain sight was a pair of Sukis thong. Aang picked it up and realized that it was the same thong that Suki wore when he was peeking in on their sex. He held it up to his nose. A strong aroma of pussy juice began to fill his nose and looked outside the room to make sure that Sokka, Suki, or Momo were not in sight. But unknowing to him, Suki was outside of the window and watching the whole thing. Well, well, well. I do have a naughty horny boy in the house. Suki made her way back to the house. Aang keep sniffing the thong and finally decided to keep it. He shoved it into his pants and wrapped it around his cock. Oh Suki, your pussy juices indeed feels great on my cock. Aang stepped out of the room and walked down the hall. He looked around and notice that Suki was sitting on an emerald couch drinking a cup of hot tea. Morning Suki Aang said coming around to the front of the couch to face Suki. His mouth dropped instantly as he starred at Suki. She was wearing a fire nation out fit that showed off her breasts perfectly and showed access to her smooth stomach. Unknown to Aang, Suki wasnt wearing any underwear at all. Her pussy was fully exposed but wasnt truly visible.

Is something wrong Aang? Suki questioned. Aang shook his head and try to focus on something else.

So, where did Sokka and Momo go? Aang said sitting down on the couch.

Suki sipped her tea. Sokka decided to go see Master Piando. Ever since he lost his Space Sword while taking out the Fire ship fleet, hes been a little lonely without his weapon. So he decided to take Momo and go make a new sword. Aang looked at her and replied Oh, I wanted to talk to him. Suki lowered her cup of tea and placed it onto the table. Aang, I think I know why you are here. Aang looked away for a second.

Its ok Aang. I think it is time for you to learn about the most important lesson of life: sex. Aangs mouth dropped suddenly.

I didnt come here to learn.aboutsex he said muttering underneath his breath.

Aang for the last time, its ok. Biologically you would be 113 and you would already know about it. But you were sealed in a block of ice. Also, I notice some of the signals. I know for a fact that you saw Sokka and me having sex last night. It was just weird that you happened to show up five minutes after we finished. You were also starring at my ass last night as I was swaying it. While I was outside this morning, I notice that there was a strange disturbance of a formation of rock meaning that it was messed with by earth bending. And, you were in our room this morning and you took one of my favorite pair of thong that I love to wear for Sokka. Youre hiding it in your pants and its probably wrapped around your shaft, and I saw you sniffing it. Suki took another sip of her tea. Aang was too stunned to speak. Suki placed her tea cup back down onto the table and decided to bring her legs up onto the couch spreading them open a little bit. So Aang, how do you feel when you kiss other girls?

Aang gulped. He was still a little bit stunned about what Suki just said. He felt like a convicted sex predator that was about to be sent off to the Boiling Rock. He gulped again. Well, when I kissed Katara, Toph, and Ty Lee, a strange sen

Hold it Aang. You kissed Katara, Toph and even Ty Lee. You are truly a stud. Im assuming that you probably felt horny while you were kissing them. I bet you felt your pelvis or cock to be more precise, rubbing up against their legs and pelvis Suki said running her finger along the rim of her tea cup. Aang looked down in disappointment, but slowly raised his head back up trying to get a sneak peek under Sukis dress.

Being naughty again. I know what you were doing Aang. You were trying to see between my legs. Werent you? Aang shook his head in an agreement. I guess I should start teaching you right now before Sokka returns. Well start off slow. What do you know about masturbation?

Aang starred at her. I know nothing about masturbation at all he said calmly.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Its a very easy thing to do. Let me ask you this. Were you pleasuring yourself while watching us yesterday? By this I mean stroking your penis. Suki said moving her hand in between her own legs and slowly began to rub her pussy.

Aang watched what Suki was doing. He remembered that he was stroking his penis and that a cream of liquid shot out. Suki continued to rub her pussy trying to get Aang aroused. I guess I have rubbed my penis he said movie his hand into his pants and grabbing the thong that was wrapped around his cock, and started to move it up and down along his penis. Suki smiled knowing that Aang was falling into her little trick of learning the life lesson. Good Aang Suki said stroking her pussy a little bit faster. She could feel that her pussy was very wet. She want to squirt her juices but she wanted Aang to get a true taste for them. Aang continued to stroke his penis a little bit faster. The moisture from the thong was really rubbing onto his cock.

Now Aang, did you keep stroking until some white liquid shot out moaned Suki as she slowly reduce her pace. Aang nodded. Excellent that white liquid is called cum. It contains your sperm that can get a female pregnant. Now, I want you to pull down your pants for me and stroke your cock for me. Aang obeyed and pulled down his pants. Sukis mouth dropped. Holy fuck Aang! For a young kid, you have a very big penis. Now continue stroking until you can feel your orgasm. Aang nodded and started to stroke his penis a little bit faster. Suki stopped rubbing her pussy completely. She knew that he was about to explode. She grabbed her tea cup and took one last sip of what she had left and looked at Aang. He was starting to grunt and then finally his body shook.

SukiITHINKIMGONNA.CUM! Aang shouted as went a little faster. Suki leaned over and held the tea cup upside down above his cock. She quickly moved his hand and continued to stroke it her self. IM CUMMING Aang shouted at the top of his lungs and the hot cum landed into the tea cup. Shot after shot kept shooting out of his penis. Aang lay motionless on the couch for a while trying to regain his strength.

Just relax Aang Suki said holding the tea cup underneath her nose. Hmm, your cum looks delicious Aang. She took her finger and took a little bit out of the cup and began to taste it. She let out a soft moan. Aang your cum tastes fantastic. She took another finger scooped and brought it over Aangs face and slowly stuck her finger into his mouth. He started to suck fast on it. He moaned lightly. Suki put the tea cup back on the table and stood up.

That was lesson number one of the most important life lesson. Pleasuring yourself can relieve you of that horny side that you have. The only downside, the whole point why you have a penis is to pleasure the women so that you can start your own family. Suki leaned over Aang again and began to kiss him deeply on the mouth. Her hands began to explore his body and finally moved down to his penis. She began to slowly stroke his cock lightly so he could get hard again and get ready for the real lesson.

Oh Suki moaned Aang through the kisses. Shhh, Aang. Just learn from me for right now. He would have never thought that Suki was a take charge type of girl. But then again, she was the formal leader of the Kyoshi warriors. Aang, sit up on the couch please. He slowly obeyed her and sat up on the couch. Suki began to kiss his checks and slowly kissed down to the neck until she got to his shirt. This will not do. Suki lifted up his shirt and stared at his little muscular chest. Just how I like it. You have a chest just like Sokkas. She began to slowly kiss his stomach. She looked up into his eyes and began to lick his chest and finally decided to continue all the way down. She stopped just above his pelvis. Suki dropped down to her knees and looked Aang up and down. He was totally nude while she was still dressed. Aang, Im about to show you how a girl can pleasure you. But before I do, I need you to remove my top for me she said with a smile. Aang nodded and moved a little bit close grabbing the bottom of the top and slowly pulled it up. Her bobs instantly popped out. She wasnt even wearing a bra and Aang could tell that her nipples were probably rocked solid. They looked so erotic. Go ahead Aang, feel them before I teach you my trick. He was a bit nervous but he reached with his hands and started to pinch her left nipple with his right hand while the other was gently rubbing the other boob. Good Aang. You will eventually taste these. But Im gonna get my treat first. She licked her lips and took Aangs hard cock into her hands. She lowered her head and started to suck his cock like a lollipop. Aang let out a loud moan. Suki was bobbing her head up and down his shaft and was swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. Aang took his hands and placed them on the top of her head and pushed it into his pelvis so that she would go faster and harder. She stopped for a moment.

Why are you stopping Suki? Aang said disappoint. Youll see. Suki took her breasts and started to lick her own breast to get them a little bit soaked. She then grabbed his cock and placed it between her boobs. Aang couldnt believe it. Her sweet boobs were wrapped around her cock just like her mouth was afew moments ago. She started to titty fuck Aang. She knew he was getting close to explode again. Thats right stay with me she said moving her tits up and down his cock. Um, Suki.IM GONNA CUM! he shouted releasing another fast spurts of hot cum over her tits. Oh Aang, you are truly a naughty boy as she grabbed one of her tits and started to lick it clean.

Aang lean back on the couch exhausted. Hold on, you are not done. You still need to learn to pleasure a woman.” Aang let out a lone sigh. I dont think I can handle anymore Suki. Suki shook her head. She got back up onto the couch. This time its your turn to pleasure me. Right now, get on the fuckin floor and listen to what to do. I know you want to fuck Katara and Toph. You cant deny that. Aang nodded his head. These lessons will help you later on. Aang sighed and kneeled down on the floor. Now Aang, I want you to pull of my skirt. I think its time to see what the ladies have to offer. Aang obeyed and grabbed the soft material of the fire nation skirt and yanked it off. Sukis trimmed pussy was now exposed to Aang. He could sense that it was very wet. Now, I want you to eat out my pussy you little pervert. Aang nodded and lower his head into her pelvis and could smell the same aroma that was on her jade thong. He started to lick up and down her clit as if he was a baby puppy. Oh yes! moaned Suki feeling the tension within her pussy. Go faster. Make me cum like a mad woman. Aang increase his pace and could feel his head being pushed into her pussy. Sukis body was starting to shake, here it come. Im GONNA CUM she shouted. Aang licked the cum with his lips and kissed Suki so she can get a taste of herself again. Mhm moaned Suki moving a finger into her pussy and started to finger fuck herself for a while.

How was that Suki? Aang said as he stayed on the ground.

Suki stood up. She smiled and then picked up Aang and laid him back down on the couch. She started to stroke his soft cock and it instantly became hard again. Now Aang, its time for the last part of the lesson. Fucking a pussy. She got back on top of the couch and placed her legs on both sides of Aangs body. Her sweet pussy was hovering over his rock hard cock. She placed the shaft in between the pussy lips and started to slowly grinned her pelvis along his. Aang groaned a little because he couldnt wait to get inside of her. She went faster and faster and slowly slowed down. Aang, Im now gonna ride your cock. She took it with her hands and positioned just beneath her pussy. You ready Aang? He nodded his head. Suki lowered herself onto Aangs cock and could feel him buckled underneath her. Just enjoy this. Im gonna ride you.

She started to bounce up and down his cock. Oh Suki Aang shouted as he could feel her hands grabbing onto his chest and his eyes watched her boobs bounce up and down. He really didnt know what to do until Suki spoke, support me with your hands. Wrapped them along my ass so I dont lose my balance. Aang wrapped his hands around her tight ass and she began to bounce back up and down faster.

Oh Aang Suki moaned as she felt his pelvis crashing into hers. She wanted to build up the tension and didnt want to cum yet. But she knew that she was gonna cum again and slowly came to a halt.

Aang, I need you on top of me right now. Suki stayed on the couch and was on her back. Aang parted her legs so he could have full access to her pussy. He stroke his cock to make sure it was still hard and held it at the entrance of her pussy. I need it now! Aang then rammed his cock into her pussy and Suki let out a loud moan.

Thats it Aang. Now fuck me as hard as you can. Suki then wrapped her legs around him and leaned up.

Aang started to thrust in and out of her pussy. Suki bit her lower lip enjoying a spectacular moment. Harder! Faster! Aang began to go hard and fast like never before. I cant take this anymore Suki as pounded into her pussy again. Aang groaned and realized that he was about to cum. Suki, Im gonna cum he shouted and squirted in Sukis hot pussy. Suki couldnt control it either and she cummed as well. And they both collapsed on top of each other. Aangs cock was still submerged in Sukis pussy. Aang leaned up and kissed Suki on the lips. Thank you for the lessons Suki. Suki smiled and laid her head on Aangs chest.

I love you Suki Aang suddenly blurted out. Suki blinked. Aang, I love you to. But dont forget that my heart belongs to Sokka. Aang nodded in agreement and cuddled with suki for a while feeling the warmth of her skin.

Um Aang, can I ask you a favor? Aang nodded. Can you water bend your cum out of me so that I dont get pregnant from you and have a hard time explaining it to Sokka. Aang nodded his head and began to twist his hands. A flow of cum came out of Sukis pussy and he placed it into the tea cup. Thanks Aang. By the way, you can keep my jade thong as a souvenir. She smiled weekly. Aang smiled back and they both fell asleep.

A few hours have passed and Aang slowly woke up. He was fully clothed and the couch was returned to its normal looks just how it look before Suki and him messed it up.

Hello sunshine Suki say walking over to Aang holding a hot bowl of soup. Here, eat this. It will help you restore your energy. Aang nodded and started to eat the soup and saw that Suki was wearing her warrior grab robes. As he continued to eat the soup, the front door suddenly burst home.

Im home Sokka shouted and looked over at Aang. Suki came into the room and hugged Sokka tight and kissed him on the cheek. How was your time with Master Piando? Suki asked. Sokka had a small smile on his face and then pulled out a brand new sword. I made this today. I am so proud of myself Sokka said as he started to move about the house swinging his sword. Sokka looked over at Aang.

So, did you have a great time spending time with Suki today Sokka said as he sat down on the couch.

I actually did. She decided to share some of the Kyoshi warriors movements to me. Aang said trying not to look at Sokka in the eyes.

Thats so cool Aang. Maybe we should use their techniques and fight each other. Sokka said. Suki rolled her eyes. Aang lowered his voice. Yeah, maybe later though Sokka. Im a little bit tired right now. I need to get some sleep for tomorrow. Sokka shook his head and asked what for? Why dont you stay for a while? Suki punched him on the shoulders.

Sokka, Suki started to say in a little girl voice, I think he wants to do something besides just hanging around with us. She winked at Aang as Sokka rubbed his shoulder. Goodnight Aang Suki said and blew him a kiss and sent another wink. Sokka sighed and bid Aang a goodnight as well.

Aang laid down on the bed starring outside the window. He pulled out Sukis thong one last time and started to sniff them and turned back to the window. He notice the north star shinning in the distance and he began to wonder. I wonder how Kataras pussy would taste like Aang said shoving the thong back down his pants. Only time can tell he muttered quietly and slowly closed his eyes. His room door squeaked a little bit and Suki tiptoed in. She looked at her sexy little boy toy and kissed him upon the cheek. He groaned a little. Suki spoke softly, good luck with your journey Aang and I hope you enjoy your new life lessons. Go get them tiger. She walked out of the room and shut the door. Aang let out a loud snore.

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