Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: The wind and the surf

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: The wind and the surf

Rivers and lakes were nice…but what Katara loved most was the ocean. It reminded her of the South Pole albeit the water was not as cold. It reminded her…of her mother.

She sat on the sand, letting the breeze blow through her hair. Here…she had privacy. Here…she was able to sit and think by herself without having to get into an argument with her brother. It was quiet here without her brother around to bother and pester her. He was supposed to be out looking for firewood.

What Katara didnt know was that she was being watched

Aang had been doing that more and more frequently and he’d felt…ashamed with himself. She did not know she had been the object of somuch observing and it made him feel dirty.


Katara closed her eyes, ducking under the water and resurfacing, her wet hair flowing down her back. It felt so good whenever they found a lake or river, so she could bathe, and thankfully she didn’t have to worry about other people. Just Sokka and Aang, and they were probably sleeping by now…

She loved her brother but at times he could be just so very annoying, and Aangwell, he was nice but she still craved solitude sometimes, or even female company, so she could have someone to talk with. But she simply dealt with it.

She ran her fingers through her hair, using a bit of bending to wash the dirt out as she dug her fingernails into her scalp, making sure to wash it thoroughly.

Aang could not sleep…and he was thirsty. He remembered where the pond and stream was where they had refilled their canteens. A nice drink would make him feel better. He quietly walked through the trees, hearing light splashing, wondering where Katara was, she hadnt been near the fire. She had said she would be out for a little…Waterbending, maybe?

The question was answered almost immediately as he peeked through the bush. Katara was in the water up to her waist, she wasbathing!

He opened his mouth, about to call out to her but stopped. That would justcreate an awkward situation

In the moonlight she seemed…ethereal. The silvery light rippled around in the water around her as water droplets fell from her hair, and she turned a bit and he saw small but firm breasts. He found himself staring, unable to do anything else, completely captivated by her appearance.

He blinked as she slowly drew a watersnake out, playing with it for a bit, letting it twirl through the air around her body. She looked…beautiful, naked, in her complete natural state, surrounded by water. Her body moved slowly, her arms rising and falling through the air gracefully.

And he found himself unable to move or speak, although there was a stirring deep within him, and he felt a part of his anatomy shiver a little.

Finally the young woman stepped out of the water and he saw long, shapely legs. The stirring grew and at one point he blinked looking down shyly. There was a definite bulge in his pants.

Aang looked back up, seeing her dry herself. The moonlight looked radiant on her dark skin and the color made him think of cinnamon. He suddenly felt shame.

He should not be intruding on her like this, but if he moved she was likely to hear, and gods above she was so…entrancing. His eyes moved along the curves of her body, not understanding why he found it so alluring. He had seen her all the time before. But not like this…

Katara dried herself and put on a lighter blue robe for sleeping in before she walked through the trees with her bundle back to the campsite. She curled up in her bag and Aang came a while later, his thirst sated but that strange sensation still inside of him.

As he lay in his sleeping bag he let out a pained groan, wondering if something was wrong with him, with what was between his legs. Katara heard him and looked over at him, much to hisdismay.

“Are you alright?” she asked softly. He shook his head, feeling ashamed still.

‘You sure?’ she asked, her voice full of concern. He smiled reassuringly and nodded, hoping his smile didnt look forced to her. She smiled back at him and went to sleep, rolling over so her back was to him.

The area between his legs was throbbing and he had no idea why. Was it some kind of disease? And why all of a sudden did he want her here with him? He had a sudden urge to share the same sleeping bag with her.

He remembered being in villages, seeing men and women together, holding hands, walking together, an occasional embrace, fathers and mothers together with children, elderly couples, and wishing that he could hold hands with Katara, hug her, share gentle moments with her. He had also seen a brothel in one of the larger cities he had gone to, seen the men and the women out in front, he remembered seeing one of these women take a man by his hand, taking him into the building and he had seemed very happy.

Aang did care about her very much and respected her, she was his best friend… But what was this? Was it some sort of enchantment? That was a silly tale… but could it be possible? Did that have anything to do with the burning between his legs?

He hoped he wasn’t coming down with somethingand so he rolled over onto his side, into a fetal position, and eventually the throbbing died down. He sighed softly, feeling so very embarrassed. The boy finally settled down into a fitful sleep, relieved of the throbbing now.

But his dreams…were filled with Katara. Her eyes…her laugh…her smile…he remembered the smile he had seen when he first came to, in this world and time. What was happening to him? When he woke up he simply stared at her for a while as she slept.

He felt his body begin to stiffen and he sighed to himself in frustration. Was this going to happen every time around her?

Katara moaned softly and shifted a bit, looking so serene as she slept. He felt strange around her nowhe should not stare at her anymore…but he could not tear himself from the sight of her beautiful sleeping features.


He had felt…dirty whenever when he watched her, yethe also felt happy. And he had taken a couple more opportunities to peek at her bathing as well. It felt…so very wrong doing that, intruding on her most private moments but he felt drawn to her like a magnet.

He wished he knew why. This could not go on forever. He had considered talking to Sokka, since he was a boy and he might know what the hell was going on, but he felt closer to the girl. Plus Katara was someone he trusted. She did not blab or tell secrets, and she was very mature, with understanding beyond her years.

Katara blinked as she felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up, expecting Sokka.

“Umm…Katara?” Aang asked shyly with one of these gentle smiles she liked.

“Oh…hi.” she said softly, “What brings you here?”

She noticed how he had looked at her, with what she could have sworn was a hint of wistfulness and longing. He looked at her a lot like that lately…

He sighed quietly, looking at the ground, like a little boy.

“Umm…I have…been” he blushed looking anywhere but at her.

“Are you feeling alright?” she asked gently

“I umm…I’ve been…noticing you and” he looked down, “mybodyfeelshotandapartofitisstiff.”

She blinked and stared at him quietly, remembering she had fallen against him during some Waterbending practice in the rain and felt something press against her.


As the time went by, he felt more and more…strange around Katara. When he would look at her or when she smiled at him…

He felt more strained and sometimes he also felt…scared. He wanted to understand why he was scared. And he would sometimes feel that pain between his legs, wanting to know why this happened, how he could relieve it. But he said nothing at all. Sometimes his old underwear felt uncomfortable because of that, but he had gotten new clothes since because he was a growing boy after all and it seemed to help a bit but it still happened sometimes.

Katara looked over at Aang as she stirred some soup over the fire. He looked…sad.

“Are you feeling alright, Aang?” she asked gently. He had been like this sometimes, more lately.

“I’m well.” he replied with a smile, but it seemedforced. She nodded quietly and poured out some soup for him, and he smiled as he brought his cup to his lips, sipping at it.

“You and Sokka at it again?” he asked and she rolled her eyes and nodded.

“He’s at it about the tarp again.”

“Why not simply set up another tent for yourself with a tarp over it just how you like it and when the rains come you can tell him that you told him so?”

Katara blinked and smirked.

“I’d have to buy another tent then, and we dont have that much money right now.” She explained and Aang nodded.

“Has he always been this way?” he asked and Katara nodded firmly.

“Ever since we were little. He thinks he knows everything just because he’s a guy.”

Katara looked at him for a bit, thinking of something to cheer him up.

“Hey, maybe after dinner we could practice some Waterbending?” she offered as she gave Aang a bit more soup. He smiled and nodded and she smiled back before she looked down and sipped at her soup, not noticing how Aang was looking at her.

She looked…beautiful and alluring even as she nursed her cup. He had been noticing her…more and more, and every time he did, he felt…different. He was very glad for his loose pants, they were more comfortable than his old ones.

Katara ate the last of her soup and got up, brushing off her robe as she glared over at Sokka.

“Aang and me are going to go Waterbend, get the damn tarp on the tent before we come back!”

“It’s the dry season!” he shot back.

“Put it on the tent anyway!” she snapped, “It could rain!”

“I want a blanket!”

“We already have some!”

“c’mon you two, you’re family, you shouldn’t fight. Aang pleaded.

“I’m the one whos talking reasonably here not her!” Sokka argued.

“Fine. When it rains we’ll see who’s right.” Katara huffed as she headed off into the trees, and Aang followed her silently to the stream.

“What was your father and mother like?” he asked softly. He had no memories of his own. Katara stopped and turned around.


“You’ve never mentioned them. And…I was just curious to know about them.”

She sighed softly and looked down. It was…hard to talk and think about her parents but she could understand why Aang was curious because he’d never had parents. He had a lot to learn, and not just bending. She had to wonder why Aang was raised by monks. What had happened to his own parents? She pushed these thoughts away as she looked back at him.

“My father…he…was strong, and brave. I remember when I was little, and he came home from the hunt, and he would sweep me up in his arms and call me his little icebergAnd my mother…she was so sweet and gentle…Any time my father was gone on one of his hunting trips Sokka and me would snuggle up with her in our parent’s bed and she would hold us and sing to us…” she looked down quietly.

“I’m sorry.” he said, touching her arm gently.

“Its alright. Not your fault.” she said, shaking her head, Lets Waterbend. Ive been working on a new move.” she said as she moved closer to the water. she slowly raised her arms, carrying some water out and then…stretched it out, almost like a baker would stretch out dough. To Aang it looked a lot like a mirror, especially with how the moonlight filtered through it.

“I figured this kind of thing would help if someone was Firebending against us, I still need to practice it some.” She explained and he smiled and nodded following her every word.

“Course, it would break once someone threw fire at it, so I’m working on putting it back together once someone does that, or it would only be good to be used once, you know? I want it to be more than just a quick defense.”

The shield of water looked beautiful in the moonlight and he drew out some water for himself, watching her closely and doing exactly as she instructed. Katara looked on approvingly and he smiled back.

“Its a move that should help you at least a bit when or if you fight the Fire Lord.” She pointed out helpfully and he sighed softly, not wanting to think about that. Katara placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“Sorry, didnt mean to make you worry.”

“Its alright.” Aang said with a shrug. He would have to face down the Fire Lord one day anyway

“Here’s another move I was working on.” Katara said, drawing two watersnakes out of the stream. It was very difficult for her to concentrate on two watersnakes and make them move separately of eachother.

“The hard thing is trying to keep them both up in the air while making them move in different directions, it takes a lot of concentration. But it would really help if you are facing more than one opponent.”

He smiled brightly as he concentrated causing her to grumble upon seeing two watersnakes in the air more quickly than she had summoned them. She’d forgotten that Aang was a fast learner, and being the Avatar helped… Well, wasnt that a good thing? He needed to learn all the elements fast. She just wished she had been able to learn her own talent more quickly.

She put her snakes back in the water and watched him silently. He could probably teach it all to himself…she felt resentful that she had no one to teach her, and she started to turn back to camp.

“Look Katara! Three!” he grinned and she turned and blinked upon seeing three of them in the air. It was hard enough for her to control two, but three? It seemed mindboggliing, Katara told herself as she watched as the three snakes floated through the air.

Still there wasn’t any reason not to try. She sighed, deciding to start with three small snakes at first, drawing them out of the water, concentrating on making them move independently of eachother. It was very, very difficult, and took all of her concentration to keep them up, much less operate them all separately.

He smiled watching as she did and threw in little hints based on what he’d learned something that caused her to smile because his tips…made it easier. Truly they did, and she was able to move the water with more ease. She shot him a smile.

Thank you.”

“Glad I could help.”

She let the snakes plop back into the water when her head started to hurt a little and she watched Aang. He smiled back at her with that cheerful smile of his, showing her some techniques he’d been learning and she nodded watching, taking close note. He showed her a few examples with Airbending as well, a few tricks to make her smile.

The smile she gave as she watched as truly amazing. He…would do anything for that smile.

Katara walked closer to him and together the two of them trained even when it started to rain. She smirked to herself, she was ready to gloat when they came back to the campsite.

She looked up at the sky, looking at the raindrops and decided to try to see if she could bend these too. It couldnt hurt to try something new could it? She had never considered bending raindrops before. The girl took a deep breath and concentrated on the drops nearest her, and all the raindrops within a few inches of her body simply froze.

Aang grinned as he watched her even as they both heard a startled yelp from the campsite as it began to rain even more. Katara shrugged and giggled, keeping her concentration as she made the frozen raindrops jiggle a little, and she drew in some more, making them all jiggle around her form like some odd sort of protective layer.

He chuckled softly as he watched her. The sight was truly unique, and she winked and made them all bounce around He laughed trying to follow in her footsteps as it were, more grumbling being heard from the campsite. The mud was getting slippery so Katara took off her boots so as to not ruin them. The mud felt weird yet good between her toes, and Aang followed suit.

Her robe was now plastered to her body and her nipples poked out through the fabric. He blinked seeing them and shivered, feeling that heat between his legs again as he watched her, holding back a whimper as he felt the stiffness.

She finally let the drops fall, feeling the headache return again. It had been like that when she had first started bending. She just needed practice.

“I think that’s enough for now and I dont want to get sick from the wet.” Katara explained and he nodded. She took a step and lost her footing in the slippery mud and sand, letting out a soft cry. He was at her side grabbing her so that she couldn’t fall only they both fell having lost their footing and ending up in the shallow water at the streams banks.

She blinked and looked down at him, brushing a few strands of hair that were plastered to her face.

“You okay?” he asked and she nodded.

“Um. Heh. Yeah…” she said, blushing, feeling a little embarrassed at her own clumsiness.: The rain had lightened up a bit already, and the light drops felt good on her face.

Aang blushed a little and as she started to move she felt something pressed against her stomach. She drew away from him, saying nothing. He didn’t seem to have noticed that she had noticed which was something she was grateful for.

She got up out of the water and made her way back to the campsite, getting a dry robe out of her bag. Sokka grumbled and pouted as he glared at her.

“Not one word.” he said looking at her, his body liberally coated with water, especially his head and shoulders. The tarp had been pitched too late. She giggled softly and went into the tent to change. By now the rain had stopped. She came back out to hang her wet clothes and went back into the tent to sleep.

Sadly she could not get to sleep right away, not after having felt what she’d felt earlier. Itfelt almost weird to think of Aang like that. With his sweet face and big eyes and youthful enthusiasm, she had always thought of him as a cute little boy.

But he was growing up, her mind reminded her, so was she…

One of her hands traveled to her breast. She’d heard from people about this but she’d never ever thought about it much after all the only males around her had been children her brother included, and the older males, like her father. There wasnt anyone her age in her village but her brother, when the time came to marry she would be expected to marry one of the older men.

Too bad there werent more males her own age except Zuko and Haru and Jet… refused to think about Jet…not after seeing what he truly was. Zuko, forget it. He was the Prince of the Nation responsible for so much misery. Haru…well, he was sweet, but they were so far away from his town.

She curled up on her side, seeing Aang next to her on his own sleeping mat. Sokka joined them soon enough and she smirked at him. He glared back at her.

“Dont even start.”

“Next time you’ll do as I say about the tarp.” Katara smirked.

“It was the dry season!” he protested. Aang yawned tiredly.

“Sokka? Even when it is the dry season sometimes it can rain heavily.”

“Told you so.” Katara said with a grin. Sokka grumbled and pouted, and she smiled at Aang.

“It was the dry season.” Sokka protested again earning a giggle from his sister.

“Shut it already.”

“Fine, fine little miss know it all.” he grumbled and she laughed and rolled over onto her back as he muttered to himself. He couldn’t believe she’d been right, it was not fair!

Katara fell asleep soon enough and Aang looked at her quietly. She was…beautiful, so very beautiful yet she was his friend and he didn’t want to upset that friendship or give into that stirring. he wished he knew what it was but no one had told him. Was it something he was supposed to learn about later on? No one…had taught him.

He sighed…wishing he knew what was going on with his body. Katara slept quietly, blithely unaware of what her best friend was going through


“Um” Katara blushed, “I kinda…noticed you noticing me…”

He nodded looking at the ground lookingembarrassed.

“You dont have to be ashamed.” she said reassuringly.

“I…don’t?” he asked quietly and Katara smiled and shook her head.

“Of course not.” she said softly. She blinked and stared at him with a bit of curiosity. He was only twelve when he went to sleep… so that had to mean that the monks hadn’t covered a certain part of his education…if they ever did that. Who knew what monks did?

Her mother and grandmother had taught her what she needed to know but it didnt look like Aang knew…and if anything he sounded…confused and a little scared.

“You dont have to be scared, you know?”

“I don’t?” he asked looking up at her and she smiled and shook her head.

“It’s…just what happens.”

“It is? What happens?”

“You…never…had anyone talk with you about this, did you?” she asked gently and he shook his head, not quite sure what she was talking about. She nodded in understanding.

“That’s why you’re so scared and confused. I’m sorry.” she said softly, “But why didn’t you ask Sokka? I’d think he could…tell you more than I could, I guess. Since hes a boy and all…” she pointed out mildly. He looked down.

“But…he’s…well…Sokka.” Aang said softly. Katara blinked…then chuckled softly.

“Well…I guess I’m flattered you picked me to talk to…” she said and he smiled shyly. She blushed, wondering just how to give him the ‘talk’. It wasn’t as if she didn’t know but this was Aang, her best friend. How could she explain it to him?

“What do you know, Aang? Did the monks ever tell you anything?”

“Ohh yes! They told me about how to channel my air bending abilities and how to interact with others”

She sighed again. He was raised by monks, why? Just because he was the Avatar? What happened to his parents?

“I’ll try my best to give you…a talk about what you need to know, if you like.”


“My mother and grandmother both talked to me…so…Ill try my best. Ask me questions if you need to.” she sighed softly, wondering how to start.

“When people hit your age…their…body goes through changes. Sometimes you feel strange…you grow taller…you…notice the opposite sex.”

“Opposite…what?” he asked and Katara blushed.

“Um. It’s a term…we also use the word gender. Male is one gender. Female is the other.”

“Ohh” he said as he sat down, listening.

“It’s normal, Aang. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Sokka went through it, so did I. It just means you’re growing up. It ends in a few years.”

“Doesnt seem like he’s growing up. Aang said with a playful grin.

“I know.” Katara smiled, glad that Aang had lightened up the mood, “Everyone’s different.” she shrugged, “Some people…grow up faster than others.”

“Is that why Sokka’s not all that mature?” he asked and she smirked and nodded.

“It’s just how he is, at least you seem to be handling it better.”

“Thanks.” Aang said and she could see he was feeling a lot better. she smiled at him, hoping that would put him at ease.

“So…uhh what now?”

“I…don’t know.” Katara said softly. She hadnt told him about sex itself, that would be…awkward and she hoped he wouldnt ask, but at the same time she wanted to tell him so she could get it over with. And truth be told, she felt just a bit flattered that he was aroused by her.

“Umm…so why do I feel stiff around you?” he asked and she blushed furiously. Sokka would know more about this than she did… but she had inklingshe would just have to try her best.

“It’s…um, part of the changes, I guess.” she said, “I do know that when our body is going through the changes it is…difficult for a while. It’s…a guy thing. I can’t say much else, since I’m a girl. I dont know much about the male anatomy.”

“Ohh. Whats it like for…girls?” he asked blithely and she blushed again.

“I guess it’s not really all that different. We don’t have the same…hmm…ah…things you have down there, but we…feel hot down there too. We notice the opposite sex like you do.”

“When’s that?” he asked and she shrugged.

“It can happen anytime.” She didnt tell him that she sometimes had that stirring when she had been with Haru or Jet.

“It’s…healthy.” she reassured him

“It is” he said softly and she nodded not telling him that once…she’d even felt that stirring around Zuko. Damn teenage hormones.

“Like I said before, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It just means that your body is working right.”


She looked out at the ocean, saying nothing.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, touching her shoulder. She shook her head.

“Nothing, really.”

“You sure?”

She smiled a bit and nodded.

“Sometimes…it hurts when I get stiff. What can I do about that?” Aang asked softly and she sighed. There were a few ways that she knew of…one was him touching himself, another was…sex. wasn’t something she wanted to answer.

“Well…’ Katara began, “there are a few ways. One is for you to…well…touch yourself. Another is…to have sex with a woman.” She explained and he blushed. She decided to just get it over with.

“I might as well tell you now. Sex is…what a man and woman do with eachother when they care about eachother a lot. It’s used to make babies, but its also done to have fun and share pleasure.” She explained, all of it coming out in one breath, “The man puts himself…when he is stiff, in a woman’s…um, between her legs. And then theymove against eachother. Its supposed to feel good and theyalso touch eachother, likekissing and hugging andmassages and that kind of thing.”

He blinked and looked at her curiously.

“It’s what happens between people who care about eachother very much. Like your father and mother, or mine.” she said matter of factly, “But there’s also touching oneself to…relieve the pressure.”

“How so?” he asked and she chuckled nervously.

“I guess…a man would have to…stroke himself, I don’t know.” She was nervous becausethe conversation was…well…arousing, and she felt the area between her legs tingle warmly. Damnit.

“But it’s done in private.” she added quickly, “Whether its with another person or oneself. It’s just…private. Its how it is.”


She shifted a bit, trying to relieve some of the pressure between her legs.

“What’s wrong Katara?” he asked, seeing her squirm around in the sand.

“Nothing.” she said quickly.

“You sure?” he asked and she nodded quickly…too quickly.

“Umm…could I? Kiss you?” he asked, catching her off guard. She blinked and looked up at him.

Uh…I guess so, if you like.” she said, not knowing why.

Shyly he placed a kiss on her lips, his heart pounding. Katara shivered as she felt the heat between her legs intensify, and he felt himself grow almost unbearably stiff. The kiss was…incredible.

To him it felt like a gentle current of water rippling through his body.

To her it was like a soothing breeze of air.

The kiss ended and both of them looked at the other obviously surprised. Katara felt her nipples grow erect and she looked down shyly.

Aang wondered what it would be like to have this ‘sex’ with her, to put himself in her, to hold her… Now that she had told him about it he was curious. Very curious. And since she had said it was what two people who cared about eachother a lot did…

But what about their friendship? They did care about eachother, didn’t they?

She blushed, unsure of what to do and started to get up, before the situation could grow any more intense or possibly uncomfortable, but Aang reacted quickly and pulled her back as if on impulse and kissed her even more.

She blinked at this unexpectedness and whimpered softly, and this whimper only served to excite the Avatar further. Katara moaned softly as he gently took her hand and pressed it against his groin.

“Seehowstiff I am?” he whimpered softly, “Sometimes it hurtsbut this is what I get around you.”

She shivered upon feeling how hard it was and he looked at her, his eyes filled with searing need. She looked down quickly and he kissed her again. She moaned softly as his tongue darted out, traveling along her jaw and he nuzzled her, wanting to taste more of her soft, sweet skin.

He…was now going on instinct, wanting to fulfill his need with this exquisite creature. He had been…waiting for so long, but did she want him?

She looked up at him as he slowly drew away, feeling a bitsad. Was it to end there? Part of her was relieved but the other part

“Do…you want me Katara?”

“I…I don’t know…”

“I…want you. A lot. Ive wanted you for a long time.” he said shyly. She blushed a little.

“But…why me?”

“Because you’re…beautiful and out of this world and amazing and everything else.” he blurted out. She looked down shyly and he kissed her again wanting her so badly. Katara shivered as he nuzzled her, almost like a kitten looking for some affection from its mother.

“Do you really…want this?” she asked and he nodded.

“II want sex with you, Katara. I cant imagine it with anyone else.” He remembered seeing her bare breasts when she had bathed…and his hand traveled up to her chest, feeling the warmth under the robe. She was…very beautiful.

A shiver passed through her slender frame as he gently massaged her breast and he looked at her quietly, slowly starting to tug her robe open. She offered no protest, not knowing why she was just letting him proceed, feeling a bit confused but also hot.

She moaned as his finger slid across her nipple and he stared at her, noticing her reaction. This must have been what she was talking about, this touching between a man and a woman, and he smiled shyly.

“That…felt good.” she whispered softly and he kissed her cheek.

“Will…will you suck on them?” she asked tentatively and he nodded, lowering his head, taking in one of these dark cinnamon-colored nubs between his lips, hearing her give out a soft hiss.

It felt good in his mouth, so soft and warm yet hard, and his hand gently squeezed the breast as he sucked on it carefully, and he gently pressed his face against the soft flesh, wanting more, enjoying the warm plushiness of her chest. Her breast wasnt as big as some other women, but it still felt wonderful to him. Dimly in his memory he remembered a similar experience, a woman holding him in his arms, sweet, warm fluid coming from that breast.

But the memory was so dim that he could not pull it up at command, all he knew was that sucking on Kataras breast brought up a faint echo of something else, something that told him that this activity was pleasant and soothing to him with good reason.

The gentle sucking on her nipple was like nothing before, his lips around the hardened nub, gently tugging at it as his face nuzzled the warm mound. Damn if that didn’t feel good… His mouth, lips, and tongue where all over and she hissed again nodding, whispering out approval, wanting more, feeling his other hand massage the other breast. He looked at her shyly, hoping that she liked what he was doing.

‘Ng…ohh…Aang…so good…” she shivered as he pushed down the robe, pushing it down her arms so that all of her torso was revealed, including most of her stomach. Staring at her Aang shivered and smiled, growing more eager for her. She blushed and looked down shyly.

“You are…beautiful.” he whispered reverently, for a moment sounding older than he really was, and she blinked back tears.

“Thank you”she said softly and he smiled at her before he started removing his clothing, first his boots then his top.

He was young but in him she saw the potential. He wouldgrow into a handsome man, she was sure of that. Her hand reached out to stroke his chest gently and he smiled down at her.

“How…do you feel?” she asked softly.

“Good.” he replied with a smile. She shivered as he removed his pants, seeing where he was so stiff. There was a light scattering of blond hair just above his manhood and she blushed, feeling even more heated.

Katara imagined him inside of her and looked up at him shyly, reaching out slowly to touch it, feeling it shiver a little when she finally came in contact with it. Aang whimpered and nodded, thrusting his hips at her, encouraging her to touch it more, which she did.

Her hands lightly traveled along the crown, seeing a bit of clear fluid come out from the slit, and she lightly ran her thumb just under the slit, feeling his body shudder as he whimpered. Feeling more bold, she stroked him along the length, feeling the heat under her fingers, running her fingertips along that soft blond hair.

Her hand traveled up, across the flat stomach to his chest, stroking it lightly, liking the soft skin. He shivered and nodded, wanting more, wanting all of her touch.

He looked at her and kissed her again feeling bolder, and she kissed him back, feeling his body draw closer to her. All of the stress and tension she had lately because of her body…it was all coming to a head now. The Avatar was now pressing his tongue into her mouth and she let him in, a bit surprised at the intrusion but accepting.

It felt…good and she whimpered softly as his arms wrapped around her waist. Placing another kiss on her cheek, Aang carried her over closer to the rocks to a more secluded spot, giving them some privacy, and quickly slipped his pants on to Kataras surprise.

“Ill be right back.” he said quickly, and scampered up the beach. He came back with the tarp in his arms, which he spread out as a blanket and guided her onto it. The high rocks gave them more privacy and she looked up at him, not resisting or protesting.

“Wont Sokka notice it’s gone?”

“Ohh…he’s still out looking for more firewood, and as far as were concerned he thinks were practicing bending.”

He removed his pants again and crawled onto the blanket and looked up at her. He…was very handsome naked, and she admired the tattoos on his body. They looked…cool she thought with a smirk and wondered about tattoos on her own body, depicting water.

She shivered as he tugged at her sash and he smiled and nuzzled her, finally getting it off. She shyly opened up her robe and took it off and he watched with rapt fascination.

He got to her knees, taking one of her feet and gently tugging the boot off before he did it with the other one. Her feet were so small and cute, he thought with a smile as she wiggled her toes at him. With her help he removed her pants and looked at the naked female before him. She was a vision of beautiful blue eyes and dark skin and graceful curves, with lithe limbs.

It was almost surreal looking at him. He was still young, with those big gray eyes of him he looked so sweet and innocentand then when you looked at the rest of himLean and developing muscles, firm but soft skinshe admired his smooth chest, his pale shoulders, the tautness of his thighs, the throbbing erection that stood proudly between his legs

She moaned softly as his hand reached out to touch the nest of dark brown curls between her legs and shivered a little, feeling herself grow even more wet.

He was so very horny, and acting on instinct now as he explored her body, running his fingers along her breasts, stomach, shoulders, hips, thighs, calves, anywhere he could touch, taking in all of her, wanting her very much. He listened to her, taking note of where she whimpered or made other noises of pleasure, enjoying it all as he felt himself grow more and more heated. He loved how warm she was, savored the heat under his hands, felt the muscles taut under his fingertips. One hand went up to massage a breast, and he smiled gently as she arched her back, crying out softly, one of her hands squeezing his thigh.

Katara had never had anyone touch her like this, and it felt so damn good. He was so sweet and gentle, and his touch she moaned softly as she reached out for his manhood. He gasped a little and shivered as he looked down at her. She let her fingers slide up and down it slowly and he whimpered, whispering out her name quietly.

She felt her heart flutter at how…it rolled off his tongue.

Her hand traveled up and down it, giving it firm strokes to which he moaned and whimpered happily, leaning down towards her, wanting more, and let out a shiver as he looked down, seeing her hand explore that one intimate part of him. The sightwas completely alluring and he couldnt tear his eyes away.

The nimble fingers found the skin near the tip of his manhood and she tugged at it gently, causing him to cry out softly. She reached down to gently cup and stroke his sac, and Aang gasped and shuddered even more enjoying Katara’s touch.

She slowly slid her hand away from him and looked up at him. He looked at her and smiled, playing with her intimate regions listening for signs that he was doing right by her, feeling his fingers travel along the moist folds of her intimate areas. He imagined her as a flower, with warm and moist petals, and he could feel the slick nectar on his fingers.

As soon as his fingers hit one sensitive area she let out a soft cry, arching her back.

“Aang…” she moaned, feeling tendrils of pleasure curl up towards her abdomen.

“Katara…” he said with a soft smile, sliding a finger into her and she whimpered softly, spreading herself more.

“Want you…very…much…” she whispered and Aang smiled, nuzzling her as he straddled her, hoping this was the right thing to do. This seemed the best way to him for them to come together in the way she had said a man and a woman did. She nodded encouragingly, placing her hands on his hips, guiding her into position.

“It’s ok” she whispered reassuringly as she nuzzled him, “Just…go in slow.”

He nodded and slowly lowered his hips, shuddering as he felt his manhood press against the opening among her silken folds, feelingheat and he looked at her in surprise. She…was so…warm and moist, and her eyes were filled with anticipation.

He smiled slipping into her slowly, feeling that moist warmth envelop his head and she cried out softly in pain, having tried to muffle it but failing. This was her first time, after allhe started to stop only she shook her head.

“Just…go slow…give it time” she whispered and he nodded, kissing her tenderly as he slowly slid more of himself into her.

She bit back a moan of pain, feeling her eyes water as he pressed against her maidenhead. Aang blinked as he saw her expression and stopped, about to remove himself only she put up a hand and shook her head.

“It only hurts the…first time” she whispered, remembering that bit of information from her mother.

“It will?” he asked in surprise to which she nodded as a shy smile appeared on his face, “do you…want more times?” he asked and she blinked and realized what she had just said.

“If…if you want to” she said softly and the smile he gave her caused her to melt.

“Just…push in.” she whispered.

“You sure?” he asked and she nodded.


“Okay.” he said pushing into her more and more, and she gave out a muffled cry of pain as he broke through and her whole body stiffened. He started to stop again fearing he had harmed her only she gave him a reassuring smile and moaned a little.

“Slide in all the way and stay there for a bit.” she whispered.

Whimpering softly, Aang complied and hissed moaning happily as he felt heat all around his manhood, sliding in all the way, feeling euphoric.

“Oooooo…Aaaaangg….” she said moaning softly, wrapping her legs around his waist to keep him there. The pain subsided and she shivered as she felt him inside of her. Gods above, that felt so good!

She felt his soft breath on her cheek and looked up into his soft gray eyes.

“Now…what you need to do…is…slide in and out…slowly”

“O…okay.” he said softly, whimpering as he began to do so, enjoying the sensations. She shivered as he pulled out so only the head remained then he pushed back in and she nodded approvingly.

“Yes. Oh….”

He raised his hips, sliding in and out of her, enjoying the pleasant and warm confines, wishing he could simply stay inside of her forever and forget everything else. It felt so good.

She nodded in approval, stroking his scalp and he shivered feeling the tips of her fingers stroking his head and he smiled thrusting into her slowly, savoring it all as he lowered his head, placing another kiss on her lips, stroking her hip as he did so.

“So…good…” she clenched herself and he gasped, moaning loudly in pleasure, his thrusts becoming deeper and harder.

“Yes…that’s it…Aang…go harder…faster…”

He moaned out her name, doing as she asked going faster and harder feeling his manhood tighten little by little. The pressure was increasing…and increasing…He would go insanebut in this situation was that so bad? He cried out as he felt her nails dig into his back.

He heard her soft cries as he pressed on, only growing more excited because of them. She was enticing…alluring…a goddess.

A goddess and the Avatar he mused with a smile as he felt himself getting tighter and tighter…then he suddenly exploded, yelling out loud, causing a sudden gust of air to blow cross the beach.

Katara screamed out incoherently as she felt herself explode, a million hot shards of pleasure ripping through her flesh as she arched her back, taking in all of him, clenching herself around him wildly as if she would hold him inside of her forever. It…all seemed almost unbearable. how could anything feel so good?

She clenched herself over and over, milking him of his seed and he moaned softly as he felt her clench herself repeatedly as if she was draining him of everything he had to offer and as he looked at her in confusion she smiled.

“So good…” she whimpered. He blushed and grinned at her.


The Waterbender lay back on the tarp, her limbs loosening and shivering a little as one of her hands traveled up to stroke his scalp again.

He smiled and kissed her, and she gently shifted and rolled them over so they were laying side to side. He remained inside of her, holding her close.

“Wow he said softly. She shivered and nodded, feeling him wrap an arm around her waist.


Sokka returned to the campsite, dumping the wood near the circle of rocks that would serve as the nesting place for the fire tonight and he looked around, seeing he was alone. Eh, they were off practicing Waterbending again.

He knelt on the dirt, arranging the wood for the fire, trying to get it started as he idly glanced around. There was something missingthe tarp? Where could it be?

He got up to look around for it and heard a loud moan coming from the direction of the beach. What the hell? He heard another loud moan and someone or something give out a sharp, keening cry.

A shiver passed through his spine and he looked around nervously, expecting something to come out and attack him. He heard another grunt/growl and more crying, and it more than spooked him. What ifitwas some sort of monstrous animal or spirit coming to get him? It took no time for his overactive imagination to set terror deep in his bones.

He whimpered and scampered into the tent, wrapping himself up in his sleeping bag, and bit his lip as a gust of wind blasted through the trees, causing the tent to nearly collapse, and gave out a soft yelp, curling up in his bag and hoping the monster wouldnt come to get him.


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