Avatar: The Last Fuckbender – Chapter Six: June

Avatar: The Last Fuckbender – Chapter Six: June

Chapter Six: June

Zuko was getting restless in two distinctly different ways. First of all, he was getting restless and growing more and more frustrated by the day with his fruitless search for the Avatar. Things werent getting better at all and it was really starting to get to him. He had to find the Avatar soon if he wanted to regain his honor. But right now Zuko was restless for an entirely different reason, and it had nothing to do with the Avatar.

Zuko and his Uncle Iroh had run into a bounty hunter earlier that night named June who had a Shirshu. Zuko had heard of these legendary creatures with their extraordinary sensory abilities and he knew if anyone could find the Avatar it would be June and her Shirshu. He decided to enlist her in his service. At the moment he was waiting for her outside her temporary room at a nearby inn in the neighboring village. June had said that she needed to get some things before they left and she asked Zuko to come with her to help her carry some things. That way they would only have to make one trip and they could leave sooner, she had said. Zuko had agreed to come along, but mostly just so he could steal glances at her athletic body while they made the trip. Zuko was aching for a good fuck; he hadnt gotten any since he left the fire nation. He jerked himself off every night just waiting until he could go back to his home country and fuck one of his entourage of girls. Sometimes while he masturbated he would fantasize about his sister Azula. She was insane, but she had a damn fine body and Zuko had always wanted to get his dick in her, sister or not. But most of the time he would think of Mai while he jacked off, the girl he had fucked most often back home. He suspected this was part of the reason he found himself so attracted to June; her jet black hair and fair, almost pale skin reminded him of Mai.

Zuko was growing impatient. He had been waiting outside Junes room in the corridor of the inn for fifteen minutes now. Lets go, June! he called through the wooden door. There was no reply. Hello? he said loudly, rapping the door with his knuckles. Patience, fire boy, said Junes muffled voice from inside the room. Zuko snorted. Fire boy, he thought, what a name. That seemed to be the only thing June would call him. Oh well, he didnt really mind. A girl as hot as June could call him anything she liked. Come on, Zuko called again, I cant wait around all night. Zuko heard Junes voice again through the woodwork, I said be patient. Im almost ready to go. Zuko folded his arms and leaned against the door, without realizing that the latch hadnt fastened on the door properly when June had closed it. As he put his full body weight on the door it fell open with a lurch and Zuko fell sideways into the room, twisting in mid-air and landing flat on his face with a thud. June immediately began to laugh at him. Zukos face grew red and he raised his head up from the ground, bitter with embarrassment, and began to say Shut uh but broke off dumbly as his eyes focused on June. There she stood, hands on her hips, laughing at Zuko, and in her undergarments which consisted basically of a strip of cloth around her ample breasts and another small strip of cloth wound about her waist and crotch. Zuko was stunned. With her clothes off she was even sexier than he had imagined. Her athletic body was amazing: her large breasts and toned legs, her flat stomach and tall physique. The contrast of her dark hair against her fair skin was a nice effect, Zuko thought as he pushed himself up off the ground and stood. Nice going, fire boy, June said through her laughs. Shut up, Zuko managed this time quietly and resentfully. He hated making a fool of himself, especially in front of a babe such as this. That was hysterical, said June mockingly, you really ate it. Zuko was starting to get angry. Shut the hell up, June, he growled. June continued her barrage, I mean, I knew you were Fire Nation, but I didnt realize you were THAT stupid! she goaded. Zukos temper flared. One more word, June he started to say. What? June interrupted, What are you going to do, hit me? Zuko barked back, I might, bitch. June just laughed again. Id like to see you try, fire boy, she mocked. That did it. Zuko raised an open hand and brought it down towards June, but she turned her body abruptly. Zuko thought she was moving to defend herself, but he was utterly shocked with what happened. As his hand went flying through the air, June turned her back to his swing so his hand landed right on her tight ass with a loud slap.

Zuko locked eyes with June as soon as it happened. She was staring at him with an odd expression on her face. It was a mix between amusement and intrigue. Zuko thought he could detect a considerable amount of lust deep in those dark eyes as well. Zuko was about to mutter an apology when June whispered throatily, Do it again. Zuko looked into her eyes again. This time there was no mistaking it: there was an animal lust in Junes eyes. Zuko brought his hand high and brought it down on Junes ass again with a whack. Oh! gasped June, thats right, fire boy. She locked eyes with Zuko once more. I was a bitch to you, she said in a sultry tone, now treat me like a bitch. I deserve a spanking. Zuko didnt need more bidding. His dick was quickly growing hard in his pants. Zuko grabbed Junes arm and dragged her across the room, throwing her roughly face down onto the single bed against the far wall. Before she had time to react her raised his hand in the air again and brought it down with a resounding slap on her firm ass. June yelped. Again and again Zuko spanked her ass with June crying out in reply, Oh! Oh! Ah! Yes! Slap my ass! Oh! After about fifteen slaps Zuko reached down and untied the cloth that restrained her breasts and whipped it out from underneath her. Then he grabbed the cloth covering her ass and groin and ripped it off as well. He gazed down at a beautiful sight. Junes ass was red and there was a handprint from Zukos repeated spanks. But even more beautiful was the shaven pussy winking up at him from between her asscheeks. Junes arousal was evident in the glistening wetness coming from her cunt. Why did you stop, fire boy? asked June sexily, I need a good long spanking. Zuko resumed his attack, slapping at her ass forcefully with one hand and undressing himself with the other hand simultaneously. When he was completely naked and his rock hard eight inch cock sprang out of his shed clothing he straightened while he still smacked Junes tight butt. Although lying on her stomach, June caught a glimpse of Zukos dick as he stood to the side of her and she immediately rolled over and sat up. That thing is MINE, June growled hungrily.

She leapt off the bed and grabbed Zukos shoulders, shoving him down so he was lying on the bed, spread-eagled, his cock standing straight up in the air. June climbed up between Zukos legs and grabbed his shaft with her powerful hands, beginning to stroke it smoothly. Zukos moans began immediately. Uuuuunh, he sighed. It had been such a long time since anyone else had grabbed his dick, and it felt amazing. June continued to jack off his rod, and then she bent down and blew gently on the tip of his cock. The tip of her tongue darted out and gave his cockhead a little lick. She continued to lick and blow on the tip of Zukos dick for a while and then began to work down the shaft, licking up and down the length of it while still pumping at it with her hand. After a few minutes of teasing Zukos cock this way, June lowered her head over it and plunged her face down on to the hard rod, deepthroating Zukos entire eight inches in one massive effort. Fuck! Zuko cried out, Uuuuunh, yeah! He continued to moan as Junes head began to bob up and down on his swollen prick. Zuko reached down and grabbed Junes breasts, fondling them and rubbing her nipples. June moaned sloppily onto Zukos shaft, Mmmmmmm. Her warm, wet mouth felt incredible on Zukos cock and he was having a hard time holding back his orgasm. He could feel that it was going to come soon. After a few seconds Junes other hand reached out and cupped Zukos balls, massaging them as she sucked him off. That was too much for Zuko and he grabbed Junes head and pushed it down onto his dick as he thrust his hips into her face, exploding into her mouth violently. FUCK! he shouted, suck it, bitch! Suck it clean! June began to greedily suck and lick off the remaining come from Zukos glistening member. When it was completely clean she looked up at him with fire in her eyes. My turn, fire boy, she said.

She turned around on the bed so she was still on her hands and knees, but now with her beautiful ass in Zukos face, presenting her soaking wet twat to him. Zuko clambered around onto his knees and grabbed her ass, lowering his head and diving into her muff. Junes moans were loud as Zuko stabbed his tongue deep into her hot pussy. Uuuuuuunh, mmmmm! she cried, Yes! Eat my pussy, fire boy! Eat it! Zuko licked and slurped at her pussy, running his tongue up and down her slit. She tasted amazing. The juices of her arousal dribbled onto Zukos chin as he munched away at her twat and she bucked her hips backward into his face. Uuuuunh, uuuuuunh! she continued to moan. Zuko now began to thrust his tongue in and out of the folds of her pussy with smooth motions and lifted his hand to her swollen clit. He began to rub her clit feverishly as he tongue-fucked her. Oooooooh shit, uuuuuuunh! June moaned her approval. Eventually Zuko removed his face from her cunt and buried two fingers in it, finger-fucking her pussy with one hand and rubbing at her clit with the other. Junes moans stopped and her breathing grew heavy and ragged. Dont you dare stop that, fire boy, she whispered, dont you fucking stop. Im going to come. Im going to fucking come. She sounded desperate with the need to climax. Zuko picked up the pace, his fingers flashing in and out of her pussy and his other hand working her clit ferociously. In another twenty seconds he felt Junes pussy muscles contract around his fingers and then release a flood of juices. June became very vocal again. OOOOOH FUCK! Fuck yeah! Yes, yes, yes! she screamed, Fuuuuuuck, uuuuuuunh! Zuko kept at it until her orgasm subsided. By now his dick was rock hard again and ready for action.

Zuko grabbed Junes ass while she still remained on her hands and knees and directed his cock to the entrance of her twat. Oh, yes, she begged, Fuck me, fire boy. Fuck me hard! That was all the encouragement Zuko needed. He buried his dick into her with one giant thrust of his hips. Uuuuuunh! moaned Zuko and June together. Zuko began to pound Junes pussy, his cock enveloped in the warmth and wetness of her tight twat. As he fucked her he raised his hands and began to smack her ass again. Yes! June cried, Spank my ass! Fuck my pussy and smack my fucking ass! Zukos hands and dick seemed to be in a contest of force. Both were giving it all they had, Zukos hips coming all the way back before slamming forward into Junes pussy at full force, and his hands slapping at her firm ass over and over with loud whacking sounds. Fuck, June! he shouted, This feels so fucking good! Zukos balls were slapping against June as her railed her for the next ten minutes in this position. After a while he pulled out of her and laid down on his back again. Sit on my cock, bitch, he ordered, Ride it like you ride your animal!

June happily obliged, coming around and raising one leg over Zuko while facing him and then bringing herself down onto Zukos erect shaft. She let herself slowly sink down onto Zukos cock until he was all the way inside her, then she lifted herself up and began to ride him steadily. Oooooh, yeah, fire boy, she cooed, Your cock feels so good inside me. She began to slowly pick up her speed. Fuck me good, she moaned. Zuko grabbed her hips and started thrusting upward into her pussy, meeting her downward strokes. They got a rhythm going and they picked up their speed at the same rate until Zuko was pounding up into Junes pussy with extreme force and she was slamming herself down to the hilt of his shaft. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! June cried and moaned over and over, Uuuuuuunh! She raised a hand to her clit and began to rub it furiously as she grew quiet again. Once more her breathing grew heavy and ragged. She began muttering incoherently and Zuko knew she was about to come again. He pounded away at her cunt and in a few seconds he felt the rush of fluids drench his cock and balls as June again gave full vent to her orgasm, Holy fuck! Im fucking coming again! Uuuuuuunh! Uuuuuuunh! UUUUUUUNH! Zuko felt the tingling in his nutsack and knew his own climax was fast approaching. Im going to come too, June! he shouted as he fucked her harder and harder. Come in my mouth again, fire boy! she cried, I want to taste your come again! She climbed off of Zukos cock and clamped her mouth around his throbbing shaft just as he exploded for the second time, his hips thrusting into her face and firing five huge spurts of hot, sticky come down her throat. Fucking eat it, bitch! he yelled as she slurped up all his warm seed greedily. When June had licked his softening dick clean and sat up again, she looked at Zuko and smiled. Okay, fire boy, she said, now we can go.

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