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Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: experimenting with the avatar: bod leaning accident

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: experimenting with the avatar: bod leaning accident

The next day katara went to the creek and was saturated by the rain as soon as she left the tent leaving aang and toph practiced make small rocks form into different shapes. Sokka had headed of hunting again, but katara spotted him have a small dip in the creek. The ducked into the bushes to watch what he was doing. As he turn towards her in only in his under shorts she gashed as his monster semi erect cock came into view, it was so large and long half of it hung out of his left leg side. What katara didnt known was that her brother had already lost his virginity by breaking in the kyoshi warriors leader suki with his 12 inch long 3 inch wide tool of destruction, suki had screamed at first for sokka to stop and he was only a quarter of the way in but by the time he was fully submerge in her she was begging him not to stop. As he pounded away suki had numerous orgasms before sokka spewed 2 pints of cum out of his cock into her flooding her pussy and the bed they were in completely. Sokka had only been with sokka and yue and with yue he never even went the whole way with her. As sokka walk to the bank with his pet snake katara already to her surprise had a hand down her dress under her panties and into her still sore pussy. As she pulled them out she notice sokka had striped of completely and his cock was swaying in front of his body as he looked out of the water. Katara slipped away leaving her brother to wash in peace will still having this image in her mind. As katara reach a small isolated cove a reasonable distant away from camp, with a sandy beach and bush leaning over the sand to the water. She stopped and striped down to her short skirt and shorts and her strapping round her bust, im already soaked she thought and stepped into the water think about what she could do with her bending abilities. The new scroll of water bending techniques katara borrowed from the spirit library had heaps of new things to try. Katara had tried the all but the one that interested her the most was a milk, blood or water in the body bending. Katara had used this to remove blood from a bruise to bleeding cuts and milk a goat by brining the milk down through the udder. Katara thought to herself i wonder if i can use this technique on my body. As katara thought this she decided to try this, She made the movements with her had drawing her boobs up, down and around following her movements. Katara then thought i wonder weather i bring some of my blood and milk down it my boobs and make them swell a bit bigger as she thought this she made the movements with her hands but was distracted by a flock of birds flying over head, her hands over extended and the movement pulled huge amounts of blood, milk into her breasts increasing their size permantly than just making them swell. Katara double up in pain as she reliased what had happen as her boobs had increased from 12bs to 20ds, these huge swollen boobs were crushed behind her strapping and were swelling out from behind the edges and causing her strapping to stretch to breaking point. Katara cried crouch in a fetal position with her throbbing painful, enhanced bust under the water to ease the pain. Katara didnt know that she now had a huge set of boobs for a girl her age, all she could concentrate on was the throbbing pain slowly taking over her body. As katara lost unconscious from the pain she slowly started to fall under the water and was just under when with a splash and shout sokka flew into the water and pulled his sister to the bank. Sokka had been tracking some horse when he surprised the deer yesterday day and managed to set a trap and catch an escapee nobles horse. As he spent the morning taming the animal and constructing the riding gear in the rain. He had rode into cap triumphant to aangs and tophs amazement at the beast. When sokka heard that katara had headed of for a walk and hadnt arrived back yet. Sokka found her foot prints after a few minutes riding and got to the beach, tied his horse to a tree and walked out onto the sand to see katara fall under the water. With a shout he flung in and grabed her under the armpits and pulled her to the shallows, he didnt notice the water as he was also soaked to the skin. sokka noticed as he pulled her a soft plump bit of kataras body rub against his hand as he checked katara over for injuries and checked her air ways. He notice that the was some skin and tissue trying to escape round kataras bindings as he tryed to lift her strapping and push in back in on both sides when it ripped completely down the middle as kataras new boobs sprang from there confident into full view of sokkas eyes. Sokkas eyes nearly jumped out of his head as the strapping ripped and kataras enormous boobs jumped and bounced out, he match them jiggle when she breathed and as her still touch the sides of them supporting them on top over her chest instead of rolling off to the side. His snake in his pants was stirring as he felt new feelings flood into his body, he had never thought about his sisters this way at this point in time she was just and unconscious teenage girl with a body to die for and with double d breasts. As his cock hardened it had to travel down his pant leg to have enough room to fully extend, his breathing became more laboured as he slowly rub the smooth malleable flesh of her breast with her lovely erect nipples sticking out complementing the curve of these two big organs. As he got bolder with his exploring of her body he looked at kataras face which had lost its grimace of pain and was relaxed as if she was sleeping. He slowly pulled down her dress, shorts and panties as her trimmed strip of hair came into view then her soft moist lips and clit of her her pussy came into view. As he discarded the garments on the beach and pick her up placing her on her back as he slowly stripped down to his shorts and half of his cock hung out of his shorts. Holy shit sokka though as he lent down over body with his cock resting on her pelvis he slowly kissed around her breasts with his lips as his fingers explored the outside of her pussy lips and clit. Her skins so soft sokka thought as her kissed all over her large breasts and started to nip and pull on her erect nipples with his teeth further enticing himself and further stimulating kataras body. As he started to move his hips back and forth making his cock rub through her pubes and her lips and pussy before lodgeing in her outer lips. He raised his head from her breast in time to to brace himself for the first thrust into kataras tight, no longer virgin pussy. As he flex his hips his cock buried 2 inches of his length into the vice like grip of her moist pussy. Sokka grunted at the pressure on his cock head and the friction and heat from her delectable hot moist pussy. As he continued to groan as he buried his cock slowly into his sister pussy while he resumed his attack on kataras breasts, unbeknown to sokka, katara was slowly beginning to regain conciseness as she felt the same feelings she felt while having aangs cock inserted up inside her welcomed her back to the present that was quickly stolen away as sokka grunted and half moaned her name. He thrust his cock forcefully into her pussy again burieg it to the same depth if aangs cock, forcing past her cervix but unlike aang he had 4 more inches of his meat to go. As he did this kataras eyes flew open and looked straight into sokkas blue eyes as the pleasure and pain of having her pussy forced pen by his cock awoken her. Omy my god sokka what are you doing trying to resist his teeth and tongue on her now surprisingly heave fully breasts that jumped of her chest and her stretched tight pussy that clung to every millimetre of his cock. Get of me katara shouted as she moved her body to try force him off as sokka, as she did this she flick her head causeing her pony tail to land between her huge breast and the end of it start to tickle her clit with her hair lopes bouncing away beside her head. As sokka followed her and put his body weigh down to hold her in place her pussy gave way and stretch to near ripping as he bottom out inside her pussy, his dark pubes that cover his cock rubbed up against her lips and clit. Aaahhh screamed katara and sokka groaned as the pressure on both of them was intense as his sokkas huge balsack rubbed up against kataras rear. Ooohhh good im gonna cum sokka screamed katara as her pussy clamped down on his cock. Aaah me to sokka groaned and thrust deep as his ball contracted spilling 3 pints of cum into her pussy , oh god hes shooting so much into me katara though as he pussy quickly filled up and her stomach and womb had to expand as the mixture of her cum and his couldnt forced its way past sokkas cock and had to build up insdie her pussy. Aaaah im so full katara moaned as they both lay together sokka still half thrustuing into her pussy. Katara looked like a lady with a pregnancy just starting to shown with a round belly filled with her brothers cum and her hugely increased breast that heaved with her ever breath. As the lay there katara tried to get up by turning on her side with sokkas cock still fully inside her, thinking that would be sokka done but hes not an unconscious aang as he pulled her round on to her hands and knees with her lovely rump press into hes pelvis , her pony tail laying on her back right down to the top of her swollen buttocks. His cock remain in her a he started to bump into his sisters tight teenage twat, her huge breasts swaying down from her chest into the water jiggling and bouncing with every thrust. No sokka uhhh katara moaned as the feelings took over her again as she lost control, sokkas cock was acting like a plunger pulling the huge amount of cum swelling her stomach out reliving the pressure then forcing them back up inside her. Ahh sign sokka as his cock was pulled and pressed by his sister moist cum burdened pussy, he could fell his cum rising again but wanted to make katara cum one more time. So as he trusted with greater invigor he reach ford with one hand grapping her ponytails and lopes as he pulled her head up with her eyes closed and biting her lip from the greater pleasure then he used his other hand to start to tweak and pull on her huge breasts and nipples of which they were so large half of them were submerged underwater. Aaarghh soka yelled as he fired another 2 pints of cum spurting out of his cock swelling her pussy and stomach due to there was no escape passed his cock and kataras tight pussy. Her belly had to expand more as she now looked like a 7 month pregnant teenage with huge tits. Aaaaahhhh i cant stretch any more katara screamed katara as her belly swell to maximum reach. Her pussy and belly were under stomach pressure for the built up cum inside her as her pussy clung to the cock forced inside her. Are you ready katara as he stood up leaving a few inchs still pluging her pussy as he saw how stretch her pussy was round his cock. Aaah yes sokka let it out and ill water bend the rest. As sokka step back the pressurised cum flew out of her pussy like a facet as the stream shot out into the creek. Aaaahhhh katara sighed as the pressure of the cum left her as the flow became less violent and ran down over her pussy lips and clit then dropping into the creek. Holly shit i filled her up that much sokka thought as he looked and the flow of cum out of his sisters pussy flowing down into the water. Katara stood and water bended the last of the cum out of her and put it in the creek as she looked at sokka and his now dangling pet snake and the laughed. Can we do that again sokka katara asked as the walk over and put on their saturated cloths. Defiantly katara and how did your breast get so big sokka replied, i mucked up a new water bending technique and instead of making the swell a bit, i forced heaps of blood and milk into the making the go like this as she cupped her breast showing sokka again. How are you gonna hide them from toph and aang sokka asked worryingly im just gonna have to strap them really tight. The bit chatted happily as the mounted the horse and rode back to camp for a change of clothes and were feed an hot meal that toph and aang had made as momo fly round the camp chasing fireflies that were attracted to the fire they had got started in the rain.
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Watch Aang using Katara when he needs to cum!

Hentai Video: Watch Aang using Katara when he needs to cum!

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