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Avatar: The Last Airbender Porno Story: kataras day off

Avatar: The Last Airbender Porno Story: kataras day off

One day when the gang was traveling to one of the air temples they stopped by a fire nation camp to look for supplies. “I’m going out to look for plants for medicine, ill be back in a bit” said katara. “k, try finding some cannabis i ran out man” said Aang stoned out of his mind.

Its been 3 hours since katara left, she has found most of her supplies besides the weed. “dame this place is dry as a desert, i cant find even a joint anywhere” said katara angrily. “might have to run into town to find some, fire benders are everywhere though, got to be carful” she thought as she walk slowly to the tow that was decorated with the fire nation flag.

She has been asking everyone she saw. finally she found a hippy looking teen on the corner of a street that only had pipe shops and suspicious looking “tea” houses. “I do know one person, she’s a little weird but he can hook you up. She is in the moonlight tea house down the street. She wears a robe most of the time, with a fire symbol on the back.” said the hippy in a slow moving, mellowed out voice. “thanks man, peace.” said katara as she shook his hand and walked away.

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Avatar Hentai Story: "Avatar The Last Fuckbender Chapter One Beauty on the Beach"

Avatar: The Last FuckbenderChapter One: Beauty on the BeachAang could not keep his mind off of Katara. Ever since the young waterbender and her brother Sokka had discovered him in the ice several days ago, he had kept fantasizing about her, about her perfect teenage body and her gorgeous tanned face. Although he had never had sex, Aang loved masturbating and since he had met Katara and Sokka, whenever he had a moment alone to himself he would whip out his seven-inch dick and jerk out a quick one while thinking of the beautiful water tribe girl he was traveling with. Every time he climaxed he imagined it was all over Kataras pretty face.Tonight was no different. They were camping on the beach. The next day was the day Aang would take Katara and Sokka to the Southern Air Temple. But right now Aang wasnt thinking about his old home. Right now Aang was sitting stark naked on the sand in front of the moonlit ocean with his cock in his hand and his mind on Katara. He knew she was laying just a few yards behind him in the shelter of Appa, Aangs sky bison. It turned him on to know she was so close. He slowly stroked his hard cock and imagined removing her thick robes and gazing upon her tight body, her tan skin, her perfect breasts, her perky young ass, her sexy little pussy just waiting to be penetrated. Aang was about to come when he heard a small sound. He stopped for a second and listened. He could hear nothing except the gentle lapping of the tide on the beach and Sokkas snores from the other side of Appa. Aang shrugged and was just starting to pump his dick again when again he heard the sound. This time he stood up and turned around, his dick standing at attention straight in front of him. He couldnt see anything out of the ordinary, just Appa lying asleep and the embers of the campfire to the left just starting to die down. Continue reading

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