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Avatar: The Last Airbender Porno Story: Avatar: The Last Fuckbender Chapter 4: Katara’s Phat Step

Avatar: The Last Airbender Porno Story: Avatar: The Last Fuckbender Chapter 4: Katara’s Phat Step

Avatar: The Last Fuckbender
Chapter Four: Katara’s Big Step

The night was warm as Katara and Haru leaned against the railing of the mining rig. Ironic that there was railing at all, Haru thought bitterly. Here in this secluded section of the prison rig the guards had removed the giant wall that surrounded most of the prison yard and replaced it with a length of railing. If you looked over the edge of the railing to the water below you would see that the current in this particular spot was such that the water eddied and swirled viciously backward into the pillars of the rig. If you jumped into the water to try and swim away and escape you would be dashed against the pillars and killed instantly. The guards were deliberately taunting them by putting this railing here, giving the prisoners a chance to look at freedom without the possibility of attaining it. For this reason, none of the other prisoners ever come here; it depressed them too much. Katara and Haru were all alone, and that was just fine with him.

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Avatar's porn adventures: That special night – Chapter 1

Aang was training earthbending with Toph. He only started training one week ago but being the Avatar made it easier to learn. “Alright twinkletoes, show me your skills!” said Toph, sitting on a rock while eating some peanuts.
Aang, who was really positive about his skills, made some moves and pulled a huge rock out of the ground and throwed it away with massive speed. “So, what do you think, am I ready?” questioned Aang. “No” said Toph. “You’ll never be if you keep dancing like that to pull out a little rock”. Aang, filled with anger, dared Toph to do better. Toph, still sitting on the rock, pushed her hands into the rock and caused an earthquake with massive power. “Seen enough twinkletoes?” asked Toph with a smirk on her face. Aang, depressed and defeated, went to his tent without saying a word. A few hours later it was night and Aang was still in his tent. Toph began to worry and was afraid she really hurt Aang’s feelings this time. So she decided to apologize and went to Aang’s tent. “Hey”, said Toph quietly, “you alright?”. Aang looked at Toph and anwsered: “Yeah, it’s just that…I’m afraid that I won’t defeat the Fire Lord.”. “What? Why not?” said Toph. “Because you’re right. I’ll never be a master earthbender like you.” answered Aang with little tears coming out of his eyes. “Yes you’ll be” said Toph. “I’m sorry for all the negative comments I gave you. I want to make it up to you.” she said while looking at Aang. “How?” Aang replied, while whiping his tears. Without saying a word, Toph took off her clothes and suddenly, she stood entirely naked in front of Aang.
“Go on” she whispered, “Touch me”. Aang, still a litle shocked, put his hand on Toph’s small, undevelopped breasts. “Do you like it?” said Toph. “Y-Yeah” Aang replied. “Then you’ll love this.” said Toph. She started undressing Aang while kissing him. Aang never kissed a girl before and didn’t know what to do but that didn’t matter because Toph was doing all the work. Suddenly, Aang was fully naked and couldn’t help to be emberassed because he had an erection infront of Toph. He had erections before and even masturbated a few times. He always fantasized about Katara and Toph while masturbating. That’s why he almost came already by just seeing Toph naked. Toph was looking at Aang’s hard penis and began fingering herself. Aang was getting aroused and began stroking his penis while watching Toph finger herself. “Mmm…ooh…aaah”. Toph was moaning with pleasure and saw Aang struggling not to cum. Aang was trying to hold his cum because he didn’t want to look weak to Toph. “Aang, relax and let me do all the work.” said Toph. Aang stopped masturbating and watched Toph crawling seductively towards him and started to stroke Aang’s penis. Toph started slow but quickly speeded up and started fingering herself again. Aang felt like he was in heaven and started to moan. Toph then suddenly put Aang’s penis in her mouth and began to suck while still pleasering herself. “Oooooh….mmmm….y-yeah!” moaned Aang. “Toph, I’m gonna…gonna…aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!”. Aang started to cum and Toph took it all. Still sucking on Aang’s penis she also started to cum. Aang kept cumming and Toph swallowed it all. After a while they both laid on the ground, covered in sweat and breathing heavily. They looked at each other and kissed. “I-I love you Toph” said Aang. “I know, and I love you too Aang” replied Toph.


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