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So the princess Azula set out to find Avatar Aang. Her journey was lengthy and tiring and Azula was able to rest in the pub. She took a sip of ale and began to look at the crowd. A muscular mercenary drew the eye of Azul. She decides to spend the night with him. She asks him to come with her to her bedroom. Azula is then stripped of her clothes and starts to play with someone else.

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Avatar the Last Airbender

Suki and the other female warriors are getting prepared to undergo the very exclusive training that usually takes place at a distance from any other person’s eye… but somehow Sokka manages to be smart enough to evade all of their predispositions and to uncover their secrets! But don’t be too worried because the price Sokka must pay for this invasion is the price the gang will gladly pay!

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[Chickpea] – Avatar: The Legend of Aang – Goph comic!

Pretty Topf and Avatar Aang have had a sex session again. Avatar is seen kicking Topf in her tight cunt and then rips it in half. Then he floods her with plenty of Sperm. Then, Avatar and Topf make the perfect couple and engage in an intimate sex. They are ready to have a fling for hours to get multiple orgasms. So let’s watch the comic now.

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Life-changing field trip

Always hard training and no fun? Toph is definitely not happy with this and is even willing to join forces with her recent enemy Prince Zuko in order to enjoy some fun. Also, Toph absolutely has no bosoms, but her piss is swollen and tight, and she just can’t wait to put into a useful use somewhere outside that is working perfectly fine for a sexy Zuko…

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Toph Heavy

Since the beginning of this story you’ll observe that Toph’s tits became significantly larger and rounder, however she is not the only one who has acquired some important changes to her appearance . her eternal adversary Azula has seen some intriguing ‘enlargement too! And something tells us that once they divulge these new capabilities to one another, their relationships will become closer…

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[Markydaysaid] Sex Fight: Toph versus Katara

Adult parodies arefar more entertaining than official stories. Todayavatar Aang will prove this assertion by playing with his pals. Enjoy watching him along with Katara and Toph using their outstanding powers in order to have some great fun and to impress each other in quite fascinating ways!

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Avatar XXX – Book One

What can you expect to find in these comics? First off, Katara will sport big curly boobs. The other ladies who are appearing in this entertaining, short story will be sporting gorgeous bodycurves as well. They all are eager to put their awesome assets to good use as you be entertained!

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Sokka and Katara

It’s a sketchy comic that’s short and does what any hentai parody should – it is a parody of your favorite cartoon characters and transforms them into sex hungry people regardless of their relationships. The story today will be about Katara and Sokka, from “Avatar The Last Airbender”, and the flirty games they play while they are present…

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Learning the sperm manage

Avatar Aang must learn to control a variety of things, and clearly his sexual lust is among the things he has to control. What is also obvious is that he may need assistance with this and who could assist him better than his extra sexy companion Katara? Even if he doesn’t learn the trick the first time, it’s still a blast with Katara.

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Katara, Azula 2 hot lesbo

Hentai Picture: Katara, Azula 2 hot lesbo Avatar: The Last Airbender whores never miss an opportunity dousing the duds and gobbling some blubber freak between their toffee strings. Sexed Katara is having a good time blowing off cock and fucks … Continue reading

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