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Avatar: The Last Airbender – Porn Story: Extinction

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Porn Story: Extinction

Chapter 1: Painful Memories

A pillar of fire lit up the evening sky. The echo of a loud roar flowed across Ember Island. Katara, Sokka, and Sukki watched, in amazement, the skill and power of the young Avatar. Zuko smiled at Aang’s performance. Aang closed his mouth and the island grew dark and silent again. He took a deep breath then opened his eyes to face his teacher. “Now that’s what I call fire bending.” Zuko clapped his hands. Aang bowed to his tutor then turned and faced his audience. Sukki clapped with Zuko and smiled. Sokka sat wide eyed and mouth wide open. Sukki elbowed him hard in the ribs and he snapped back to life. Aang chuckled and looked at Katara. When they made eye contact he winked and walked toward the shade of a palm tree. Katara’s cheeks grew hot and turned a cherry red.

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Big chains make Azula even more super-naughty!

Toph Hentai

Hentai Picture: Big chains make Azula even more super-naughty!
Come in view at well-shaped portly Avatar: The Last Airbender girls vestured in incommodious togs that illy put their bulky chebs… Zuko disciplines her boy treats and betakes him to crack his pitcher in the train. Some Avatar: The Last Airbender sluts long for a bit ofcock-to-pussy kind of action – they gets shagged on the spot and take sizey thick cocks into their cock-craving pussies!

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Porn Story – Experimenting with the avatar: Sleeping avatar

Avatar: The Last Airbender Porn Story – Experimenting with the avatar: Sleeping avatar

Experimenting with the avatar
Shortly after their face off with azula, zuko and iro, the gang found a safe place to settle for a few days before continuing on to Ba sing say. The gang set up camp with katara and toph a bit less niggly at each other after the last confrontation. After camp was set sokka set of to find some meat, while Toph said something about arguing with a rock. While those two were away katara suggested to aang to practice some more water bending tin the creek nearby. On their way down to the creek aang couldnt stop thinking about katara as his eyes followed the outline of her body as she walked in front.
i wonder if katara thinks about me the way i think about her aand thought to himself as they approached the bank. Katara said quickly to aang paper, scissors, rock for who goes first into the water before splashing aang then with a laugh jumped in to the water leaving her heavier clothing on the bank. Aangs looking extra down today maybe hes thinking about losing appa again katara thought maybe i can cheer him up by teaching him some new bending she thought, while aang strip down to his shorts and step into the water. Aang was well built because of his bending practising and unbeknown to him he was well endowed with a large 8 inch penis but as he was brought up with the monks has no experience sexually at all. As aang looked a katara furtively as the did there usually bending practising, katara is a slim, tall teenager with perky 12b breasts, with a large ass and long smooth legs while maintaining a fit figure. Katara caught aang looking at her out of the coner of his eye at her, katara though to herself i wonder why aang keeps looking at me and not concentrating on his bending, is it me having that affect on him. As this though caused her to blush furiously she forgot about the bending ball of water coming at her which caught her bodily and sent her flying into the water soak to the skin. oh shit aang thought to himself as katara came up spluttering and coughing, but soon forgot this as he notice her nipples had harden due to the cold and were promptly standing out on the cloth that clung to every curve and crack of her body. As katar came up she saw aang staring and was in no mood to continue water bending any more. Thats enough to day aang i see you back at camp shortly Im just going to have a wash. Oh okay aang stutter as he walked away accidentally leaving his staff leaning on a tree in some bushes by the water. As soon as aang was out of sight katara sighed and slowly unwound her strapping round her breasts and releasing the perky mounds of flesh which bounced happily in the open as katara threw her strapping onto the bank, she rub her boobs as they were sore and as her hand brushed her nipple it ached to be touched, katara rub and tweak her nipples sending a blast of horny heat from her breast down to her pussy. Katara gasped as the heat shot down as these feelings were new to her but it felt really good. She kept tweaking her nipples with one hand while she pulled down her small white dress and shorts as well as her panties over her engorged pussy lips and her tuff of hair trimmed into a straight strip above her pussy. Her pussy lips were engorged and sensitive by the constant arousing and tweaking of her nipples. i never knew this could feel so good katara though as she moan quietly to herself as she bit her lip and slowly starting to rub her pussy while sitting down in the shallows. As katara rubbed and tweak her boobs and nipples as well as rubbing her pussy, the feelings of arousal were building quickly to her ever first orgasm, katara moan loudly now knowing no one was close enough to hear her but as she quicken her pace she couldnt give a damn. As she climax she bit down on her lip and half moaned half scream at the same time as she thrash round in the water as her feelings spilled over and took control as she continued to pull her nipples and rub the small nub in her pussy which set her off completely. As she lay in the water in a post climax lapse gasping for breath, after she came down she dressed and headed back to camp to have dinner. As she arrive aang came out of the bushes to the right of the camp with she noticed a large bulge in his pants slowly fading asking how her bath was. It was good and refreshing katara replied.
What she didnt know was that as aang got back to camp he remembered his staff as he went back down to get it he looked between two bushes to the creek and saw katara just as she dropped her strapping releasing her breasts. Aang couldnt move or couldnt speak as he stared and the most beautiful boobs hes ever seen bounced in to view and katara started to rub them as she stood in knee deap water naked down to her waist. aang felt his penis start to stiffen in his pants as katara started to rub and pull on her nipples as she absentmindedly rub her pussy through her shorts. aang couldnt stand the pressure on his cock any more as he pulled down his waistline to allow his 8inch stiff tool to spring into view and throb at the view of katara in front of him. As katara pulled down her undergarments and continued to rub and toy with herself fully naked in front of him, aangs penis was begging to be touched so much it hurt and as aang first touched his penis it jumped so then aang decided to stroke his cock as he did this he nearly shot his load right there it felt so good to his enexperienced body. As aang started to pump his penis like hes done it for years he continued to watch the erotic performance in front of him, watching the way katara rubbed her engorged lips and a small nub of her pussy over and over again, as well as rubbing her boobs and pulling, twisting and rubbing her nipples quicker and quicker while her moaning got louder as she bit her lips. Aang could feel something building in his penis as his ball tighten as her watch this teenage beauty pleasuring herself half submerged in a creek in the wilderness. As katara reached her climax and moan aloud while trashing around in the water and rubbed herself furiously aang felt his balls contract and his penis twitch as he moan quietly trying not to disyurb the thrashing and moaning katara as he experience his first orgasm of his life as his sperm came shooting out of his penis shooting seven huge wads of cum out of his penis and out onto the ground in front of him. When he looked at katara again she had stop trashing as was getting out to dress again aang grabbed his penis and thrust it back into his pants even though it was still at full mast and grab his staff and snuck away, his last sight of katara was as she was slowly wrapping her strapping around her beautiful boobs again.
After tea as the group lay there the all her the distant sound of thunder, As the pitched there tents with bellies full of food from the deer sokka managed to surprise. aang and katara agreed to shear a tent and sokka and toph share the other and sorted out there gear into the tents before the rain hit. They strip down to the bed clothes katara wore a lose top without her strapping round her breast so they bounced freely and in short shorts that stretched round her ample bum and thighs. While aang stripped down to shorts, they hunker down and went to sleep as the storm came closer and closer. Katara was the only one to wake as the rain and hail hit. She rolled in her fur blankets to face aang as the roof trashed with the sound of rain hitting canvas, she was surprised to see he had managed to rolled on his back and had kick his blankets down to his knees. As she followed his body down from his head to his legs he eyes stop and widen as she looked at the huge bulge in his shorts. It was huge and it looked as though a large rod went down aangs leg. Katara felt her nipples harden and her pussy surprisingly started to become wet as she eye such a large cock. The longer she looked at it the longer she couldnt look away it properly. She turned in her blankets blushing while she could help thinking about what she had saw. She knew what it was but couldnt believe that a mans penis could get that big. I wonder who or what aang is thinking about to bring it on. Katara couldnt resist and turn for another look while pulling the blankets off her and crawling closer to stare at the huge rod straining against the material of is shorts with a big wet stain where the tip would be appeared. Katara though to herself at least i dont need to worry about aang wakening up as in a early rain storm where they had share a tent and while getting up to go to the toilet katara had accidentally knocked her pack down from the top hock of the tent and landed with a sound thunk on aangs head. as she panicked and pulled it off him she was surprised to see he was still sleeping soundly, she tried everything she could but she couldnt wake him if she tried and aang only complained of a headache the next day. As she sat there staring at aangs erect package she though i wonder what it would look like without the shorts over it and the more she though the more she came up with that she wanted to find out , what it felt like, what happens during sex with a mans penis and other thoughts that turned her on even more. I shouldnt do this but it will be my little secret she though as she reaches out and pulls down aangs shorts while leaning over aangs crotch. When she pulled it over the large rise aangs 8 inch cock sprang out a smacked katara in the face because she leant over him to mutch as she instantly pulled her hand back and grasped aangs cock and steadied it facing skywards. She admired his thick pulsing rod, its large engorged head and the two large balls that sat underneath the large thick bit of meat and the skin around the penis was shaving like aangs head. Katara started to switch rubbing her nipples and pussy with her spare hand while she started to stroke his huge erection with the other. Katara moan aloud while tweaking her nipples with her hand up under her shirt, she thought about what else her body was telling her to do. Her hand continued to pump aangs cock as her other hand travelled under her waistband to rub her pussy. As katara applied more pressure rubbing her fingers slipped on her juices and delved in between the folds into her pussy making her squeal while trying to hold it in. At the same time her other hand squeezed anngs cock hard making him groan and whisper her name, kataras blood ran cold as she her him groan, then she smiled and blushed to herself while still playing with aangs and herself. So he thinking of me when he gets this hard katara though to herself i wonder whether i can fit the tip of his penis in his mouth and suck on it just to see what it taste like.
As she lean over and opened her mouth her breathe on his cock mad it jump in her hand. She ignored the persistent rain on the roof as she first felt the smooth hard flesh of the head of his cock stretch her lips fully to fit the head into her mouth. See could taste his salty percum that was now constantly oozing out of his cock head into her sucking mouth, and his fore skin rolling back against her lips. Oh my god its absolutely huge my lips are actually having to stretch around it. As she continued sucking on it aangs was moaning at regular intervals while she did it she thought about sex. Ive seen animal doing it and the penis always goes into this hole her as her hand stroke and poke a little at her opening and her clitoris, and it always looked like it would hurt abit but she had overheard some older girls talking about how it hurt the first time but then it was just pure pleasure katara thought as she pulled her shorts off then delving her finger deeper into her pussy making her groan even more and aang groan as her hand squeezed his cock even tighter. I wonder whether i would be able to fit aangs cock in her pussy katara thought while sizing up his cock in her hand. her pussy was aching for something bigger than her fingers in her pussy and her breasts were heaving with the excitement under her top of what she was thinking about attempting to do and what her body was telling her to do. Ill do it but i just only put in the tip of his penis katara though. she felt a bit guilty about using aang but he would be getting the same amount of pleasure just while hes dreaming she though. She slowly got up while the rain and wind rip at the tent, and knelt over aangs body and rubbed her pussy up and down his erection that was leaning against his crotch. Her hands rubbed his muscular chest while her hips ground against his pole. Right her goes she katara thought as she use her legs to rise her hips over his large erection letting the head of it rest against her opening. Its so hard and hot she though when it first pressed up against her. She let her hips fall and felt the full girth of him trying to force its way into her tight virgin pussy, oh my god it wont fit she thought and was just about to have second thoughts while still groaning and grunting still trying to force it into her. Then with a sudden squelch aangs cock head forced its way between her lips stretching them to the max and putting an inch into the end of her pussy but aangs cock is 2 inches wide at the head and three in middle and bases. As her lips stretch suddenly to accommodate this huge intruder, katara screamed as pain and pleasure ripped from her pussy through her body and aangs grunted in his sleep as the tip of penis was shove into a hot wet tight opening but at the same time as katara screams a lucky strike of thunder and a heavier downpour of rain defining sokka and toph from katara scream of pleasure as she was ripped open by aangs monster. It stretching me so much i think my pussys ripping, katara thought when she went to move her hips to relive the pressure on her pussy, her hand that was supporting her body slipped and her body weight came down on aangs cock impaling another 5 inches of aangs monster cock into katara pussy ripping through her maidenhood and deep into her pussy. Ahhhh! screamed katara as pain ripped through her body form her destroy maidenhood and over stretch pussy. Aang still had 2inches more of cock to submerge in kataras pussy and as tears rolled down her face she slowly got use to the fading pain she made to again rise up off aangs cock as she thought she had put more than enough of aang inside her already and it was going too far to not have consequences. As she raised her hips the pleasure of the friction between her stretched pussy and aangs rock hard cock rubbing against each other gave katara her first sex given orgasm, as she came with a muffled sequel her spasming pussy release a spill of pent up fluids and contracted squeezing aangs cock nearly wakening aang up fully and releasing them onto aangs cock lubricating his cock and lap, as well as katara pussy. As katara moaned and squealed and started to thrust her body up and down on aangs cock, her tits bounced up and down in time with her thrusting and her nipples rubbing on the fabric stimulated her more as her as jiggled with each thrust. Oh no not agains moaned katara as a second orgasm coursed through the tight young body allowing aangs cook the fresh lubrication to full sink into kataras pussy and then get squeezed nearly in half by kataras contracting pussy. It pushed through her cervix and mashed there two pelvises together while aangs pubiss rubbed kataras clit causing her orgasm to last longer and be more powerful. Ahhhh ahh screamed katara into the storm as her cervix was forced apart roughly and her pussy lips rub against aangs lap further stimulating her. Both aang and katara were sweating freely as it ran down their bodies and grunting aloud due to the pleasure and friction. As katara sweated and continued to bounce on top of aang with her pony tail running down her bach and her lops rubbing her neck tickling and scratching her as her sweat had made her white top semi see through and clung to her bust and rubbing the entire skin of her breasts and nipples aang by now had started to half heartily thrust back into katara pussy in his sleep and couldnt last much longer due to the tight teenage pussy getting stretched around his cock. As aangs cock begins to twitch in kataras pussy aangs starts too moan and say kataras names over and over again and louder every time with his thrust becoming more frantic. Katara notice this and was wondering what was happening when aang erupted deep in her pussy, aang shouted aloud nearly reaching the ears of sokka and toph as his balls contracted and sent a huge load of cum shooting out of his monster cock straight into katars womb filling it with 7 or 8 large loads into her, filling her up quickly as his cum spilt out and oozed past his cock and kataras pussy and into his lap. Katara felt a jerk and become rigid as she felt his hot wads of cum shooting deep in her belly, ooohh god what is happening and whats aangs shooting inside me, it feels so good katara thought as she had other huge orgasm as her pussy clamped down on aangs cock make so it couldnt move and screamed into the furs under neath them as she callopsed on top of aangs her breast being squashed into aangs chest as katara lay there gasping as aangs slipped back into his deep sleep. Katara couldnt move she felt so full and content as aangs still hard cocks was still deep inside her as she could feel every inch as she lay on top of aangs her head beside his listening to his breathing as the joint juices still leaked from her pussy. As she lay there in her sweat ridden shirt she couldnt belive it could fell so good to do this those girls were right she though. As she rolled of aangs his cock slowly got dragged from her depths and like a long plunger pulled the majority of the juices out of her as her pussy gapped from the size of the intruder that had been allowed in. Katara though i wonder if i can water bend this stuff as it drooled from aangs cock into his lap as well as out from her pussy into a pool at her feet as sat up and made water bending movements with her hands. The mixture of cum and jucies flew of there bodies as well as the sweat from kataras shirt making it so you couldnt see through again. As their combined juices flew through the air to for a ball of liquid in front of her. I wonder what that stuff that aangs squirted in me tastes and feels like. So she made the ball go into her maouth and down into her belly leaving a small sample for her to taste. Mmmm its very salty and sticky katara thought as she pulled up her shorts, tucked aang in after storing his now flaccid member back away in his shorts and then falling to sleep gently rubbing her now very sore and tender pussy and stomach as she fell to sleep she wonder if she could do that again and if there was anyone biger than aang. As the night passed the rain eased but would kep up for a few more days and aang wouldnt remember a thing from last night except the good dream he had.

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Avatar Porn Story: Aang needs some encouraging

Avatar Porn Story: Aang needs some encouraging

Aang was training earthbending with Toph. He only started training one week ago but being the Avatar made it easier to learn. “Alright twinkletoes, show me your skills!” said Toph, sitting on a rock while eating some peanuts.
Aang, who was really positive about his skills, made some moves and pulled a huge rock out of the ground and throwed it away with massive speed. “So, what do you think, am I ready?” questioned Aang. “No” said Toph. “You’ll never be if you keep dancing like that to pull out a little rock”. Aang, filled with anger, dared Toph to do better. Toph, still sitting on the rock, pushed her hands into the rock and caused an earthquake with massive power. “Seen enough twinkletoes?” asked Toph with a smirk on her face. Aang, depressed and defeated, went to his tent without saying a word. A few hours later it was night and Aang was still in his tent. Toph began to worry and was afraid she really hurt Aang’s feelings this time. So she decided to apologize and went to Aang’s tent. “Hey”, said Toph quietly, “you alright?”. Aang looked at Toph and anwsered: “Yeah, it’s just that…I’m afraid that I won’t defeat the Fire Lord.”. “What? Why not?” said Toph. “Because you’re right. I’ll never be a master earthbender like you.” answered Aang with little tears coming out of his eyes. “Yes you’ll be” said Toph. “I’m sorry for all the negative comments I gave you. I want to make it up to you.” she said while looking at Aang. “How?” Aang replied, while whiping his tears. Without saying a word, Toph took off her clothes and suddenly, she stood entirely naked in front of Aang. Continue reading
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Avatar Hentai Video Part #1: After Anng was almost wasted by the Unagi Katara determines to make him feel nicer by… providing him a humid DT until he blows his white-hot explosion all over her pretty face!

Avatar Hentai Video – Part #1

Bosomy street-walker from Avatar cartoon is hopping with a massive vaginal invasion inside!! Avatar Hentai Another fuck-obsessed hottie show sports an awesome pair of tits to demonstrate us ;) Kissing and touching is the regular way for the Avatar porn action starts, but but the continuation can never be foretold! ;)

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