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Ty Lee loves the taste of your sperm!

Avatar: The Last Airbender Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Ty Lee loves the taste of your sperm!
Avatar: The Last Airbender heroes are so much perverted that they are eager to copulate in all the wrong places, every day and in every way you can think of. Peek at the meaty do-jigger Ty Lee who is skeezered with her signal rubberlike lungs grassed with honey and her twin size Joey being elongated and mugged and comings of… A whore from Avatar: The Last Airbender double-fucked by a pair of thick pussy-diggers that spray her pretty face with semen rain.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Porn Story: That special night CHAPTER 2

Avatar: The Last Airbender Porn Story: That special night CHAPTER 2

It was a few days ago that Aang and Toph shared that special night. The two acted like nothing happened towards Katara and Sokka. Sokka noticed that Toph respected Aang more but that was all. Katara, however, actually knew what happened that night. She was trying to sleep that time when she suddenly heard strange noises coming from Aang’s tent. She first thought that Aang was in his Avatar trance but after a while she was getting worried and decided to check on Aang. Katara took a look through a little opening in the tent and was shocked about what was happening. Aang and Toph were masturbating while looking at each other. First she didn’t knew what to think, but after a while she was feeling aroused. She let her hand down into her pants and started to rub her bald pussy. Katara never masturbated before but she did look at dirty pictures sometimes so she knew a little about sex. She kept pleasuring herself while looking at Toph giving Aang a hand- and afterwards a blowjob. She was feeling great and horny. Katara then saw Aang cumming right into Toph’s mouth, and then Toph began to cum. She was feeling crazy and kept rubbing. Moaning quietly, she started to feel wonderfull, full of life and eventually, she started to cum. Soaking her underwear, she was breathing heavily and saw Toph and Aang kissing. It was then that she realized she loved Aang because she was feeling jealous. She then returned to her tent and fell asleep.
While remembering that night, Katara wanted to tell Aang she loves him and also wants to try some stuff with him. But she has always been a good girl. She couldn’t tell him because she knew Toph and Aang loved each other. But in her head she started to make plans how to share the bed with Aand without his knowing. Then she remembered something.  A few weeks ago the group was getting followed by Azula in the night. The chase took hours but finally Azula gave up and let the group flee. Katara was tired then but couldn’t sleep because she was afraid that Azula would show up when they were sleeping. To get some sleep she bought a special plant that can be made as tea. The tea can even make Appa to sleep for several hours. Katara had some of the plant left and before she knew, she was making tea of it. It was night and Aang was in his tent meditating. Katara brought the tea along and asked Aang to come in. Aang, as friendly as he is, let Katara in and talked a little. “So um Aang,” Katara suddenly said, “I’ve made some tea and hoped you would like to give your opinion about it.”. “Sure, I was trying to make some anyhow” replied Aang while taking the cup of tea. Then Katara was silent and was thinking if it would work or not. Without hesitating, Aang drank the tea and said: “Mmm, delicious. Didn’t know you could make tea this good.”. “Thanks Aang”, Katara said, “But are you all right? You seem a little sleepy”. Aang tried to answer but he fell asleep. Katara was surprised how fast the tea was and started to think she did the right thing or not. But she cleared her head and laid Aang on his back and pulled his shirt off. She laid her hands on his chest and kissed him on his lips. Then started to undress herself until she was completely naked. She stood right above Aang’s head and then she lowered her waist until her vagina was touching Aang’s mouth. She moved her waist back and forth, making her pussy wet. “Oh Aang, I love you and I am sorry for this” she whispered. “But I couldn’t hold myself, please forgive me.”. She removed her waist from Aang’s lips and took off his pants. She was stunned about the fact that she’s now looking at Aang’s penis. Katara slowly took Aang’s penis in her hands and started stroking it. Aang was getting hard in her hand and she could almost feel the blood pumping into his penis. Katara then moved her waist again to Aang’s mouth and started sucking his dick. If there was one sex position she wanted to try, it was a dirty 69. Her pussy was soaking wet, which made Aang drink some of Katara’s love juice. “Alright my love, it’s time for the next stage.” whispered Katara and released her waist from Aang. She looked at his penis and let her pussy down on it. Immediately, she felt a rush running through her body. Aang’s dick was now completely in Katara’s vagina. “Does this count as losing virginity?” Katara thought. “Or what if this is rape!?” she then worried. But she cleared her mind and started humping Aang. “Mmmm…ah.ah.ah…ooooh…mmmm” she moaned. She humped faster and faster. Her pussy was soaking and her body was sweating. And then, she reached climax and moaned loud. But she still kept humping Aang. Her pussy kept squirting but she didn’t stop. “AAAaaah…aaah…mmmmmm…oooooooh” she kept shouting. She came again, and again, and again until was out of energy and fell next to Aang. “Wow” she thought. She looked at her pussy and saw she still was squirting a little. “Aang, I love you” she whispered. She then saw that Aang was still hard and decided to finish it. She started masturbating him and whispered “Cum on me Aang. I want your seed.”. Katara kept rubbing his dick and could feel the semen flowing through his cock to be released. She placed her mouth over his penis and started sucking. Suddenly, Aang released his load. Katara could feel the shots hitting the back of her throat but she kept sucking. After a lot of shots Aang’s dick started to shrink. Katara stopt sucking and swallowed the remains of Aang’s cum. She cleaned Aang of his sweat, dressed and then tucked him in his bed. Katara gave him a goodnightkiss and ran to her tent.

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Avatar: The last Jizzbender Book XXX – Chapter 1: Prologue

Avatar: The Last Airbender Hentai Porn DoujinshiAvatar: The Last Airbender Hentai Porn Doujinshi Continue reading

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