Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Unrated and Untold Stories: Bitter Work

Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Unrated and Untold Stories: Bitter Work

Story Codes: mf, mf, mf, mg, nc-cons, BDSM, cream pie, grope, inc, oral, rough, spank, voy

Aang woke up early in the morning, ecstatic at the fact that he was finally going to learn earthebending from his new earthbending teacher, Toph.

“Good morning earthbending student!” shouted Toph as she exploded out of her stone tent.

“Good morning Seefu Toph” Aang replied respectfully.

“Hey, you never call me Seefu Katara” Katara said with a little anger in her voice.

After a few minutes of jabbering back and forth, Toph got to work teaching Aang the basics of earthbending.

While Aang and Toph practiced their earthbending, both Sokka and Katara had some time on their hands. Katara decided to go down to the small pond to maybe swim around and get some drinking water for the group. It was a beautifully sunny day as she made her way down a dirt path toward the water. Deciding that it was too nice of a day to waste, Katara started to pull off her blue robe, she’d be swimming naked today. She also wanted to give it a good cleaning before she put it back on, the cum stains, rips and tears were really starting to show. There was a certain glow to Katara’s skin as she approached the water with her naked form reflecting on the water’s surface. She did have a bathing suit, but she wasn’t in the mood to run back and get it. As she entered the glistening cool water, she had no idea that she was being watched intently from afar.

Sokka had decided to go hunting for meat while Toph and Aang began their training. He had been rudely awoken, and was clearly in a bad mood as he made his way down into a small area of trees, hoping for some kind of tree dwelling animal to satisfy the hunger in his stomach. He could hear the sound of a waterfall not to far off in the distant and believed that just maybe he would find some kind of prey using the water source at that particular moment. Sokka made his way to a tree hanging over the edge of the small water source. He climbed the tree and made his way up to a very thick branch he knew would easily support him and give him a good position to pounce on his potential prey. As he made his way to the outer edge of the limb, he looked down to see a glorious and beautiful scene taking place in the water below. He could see his younger sister undressing and revealing her beautiful form, her supple, and perfect teen tits and her trimmed pussy and tight ass. Immediately, he felt his balls tingle and his shaft begin to swell at the beautiful sight he saw unfolding in front of him. He quickly pulled his pants off carefully, balancing himself on the limb. Sokka then removed his white underwear and grabbed hold of his massive 11 inch tool, lightly stroking it at his little sister’s perfect ass.

Katara began to wade into the water, feeling the sensation of the cool water on her glowing skin. It felt good to clean off her body and hair as she began to rub her body down in the shallow water. Her body was glistening in the sunlight as she splashed the cool water all over her body and face. Since she began having sex, she had little time to clean herself off after the several sexual encounters she had engaged in. Her hair was the worst; the amount of cum that had been lodged in her little ponytail had matted it in places and left a funky smell. The constant, sensual touch of her fingers on her supple skin was starting to turn her on. The hot weather and cool water had stimulated her nipples making them hard, and excited her overused pussy. She could feel herself getting wet as she started to move her hand down the small patch of trimmed pubic hair right above her clit. As she started to rub at the edges of her pussy, she moved her other hand up to her right nipple, rubbing it sensually, making herself moan at its sensitivity.

By this point Sokka was really pumping his cock back and forth, the sight of his little sister rubbing her clit and rubbing her perfect tits was turning him on and the only thing he could do to deal with the feeling in his cock was to rub it as hard as possible. Sokka continued to watch her until she began to move out of the water to its sandy bank. When she started to move out of the water, Sokka groaned in anguish, he didn’t want the perfect picture to end so abruptly. Luckily, the view only got better as she sat down on the sandy bank and opened her legs in the direction of where Sokka was hiding. Sokka gripped his cock and started to pump it even faster as the view of her trimmed pussy was presented to him completely.

Katara had sat down on the hot sandy shores, not because she was tired of pleasuring herself, but because she wanted to get more comfortable for what she was about to do to herself. With a couple of complicated hand movements, Katara made a large portion of water rise up in the air and made it splash down on her body, cleaning her now long untangled hair, and further stimulating her sensitive nipples and wet pussy. Next she raised another portion of water and streamed it in and out of her pussy at great speed, making her moan loudly in pleasure. She knew what was going to happen, even before it took hold of her; her pussy started to spasm and her body shook as she lost her concentration and allowed the water she was bending to land on the sand in front of her.

The sight of Katara shaking from her clear orgasm was so hot to Sokka, it almost made him cum right then and there on the tree branch. Instead, he heard the tree branch he was on crack ominously and break a few seconds later with him still on it and his hand clenched around his cock. Sokka and the branch plummeted fifteen feet into the water below, making and all mighty splash in the tiny little pond. Katara had just gone through a rigorous orgasm but could still hear the loud splash.

“Dammit” said Sokka with no pants on and a massive erection showing.

“Hello!” Katara said sexily, with a hint of surprise in her voice. She thought it was really hot that her big brother was pleasuring himself at the sight of her. She was so turned on in fact, that she got on her feet and walked into the water and made her way to Sokka.

Sokka was still a little pissed off that he had not cum and that he looked like both a pervert and a dork from falling out of the tree he was in. He couldn’t help but notice his sister walking up to him in the knee high water, swaying her perfect ass and displaying her soaking wet trimmed pussy. Her body was still glistening in the sun, only turning Sokka on even more. The sudden splash in the water had doused his urgent need to cum, but his erection had remained, just as large as ever.

“I got off, but it looks like you might need a little more help, don’t you?” Katara said with a smirk on her face.

Sokka nodded stupidly; obviously he was now thinking with his downstairs brain and not his upstairs brain. He looked on as Katara reached out with her hand and took hold of his giant cock, rubbing it as she looked right into his eyes. She used her other hand to splash water onto Sokka’s lower half, in order to lube him up before she gave him the ride of his life.

Katara finished rubbing her big brother’s cock and quickly turned her ass around, rubbing it against his shaft and balls. The warm sensation of Sokka’s balls and shaft rubbing against her ass felt amazing to Katara as she picked up her pace.

The feeling of her ass grinding up and down his stiff cock felt just as good to Sokka as it did for Katara, but he wanted the real prize and was getting tired of just foreplay. Sokka grabbed Katara’s waist with both his hands and stopped her from grinding, just long enough to move his rock hard dick to the entrance of her sopping wet hole.

“Hunnhh” said Katara with surprise. She obviously didn’t expect for Sokka to take their sexual encounter to the next step. Either way, she knew that she was going to get fucked, whether she wanted it or not. Accepting the situation as it was and allowing herself to embrace her position as group slut, she willingly accepted Sokka’s monster pole into the entrance of her love tunnel.

‘Ohh yeah’ Sokka thought, ‘time to get some sweet Katara pussy’. Sokka gripped her hips tightly and pushed hard at the entrance of her pussy. The entrance was still a little tight to fit his eleven inches into right away, but it was considerably looser than it was only weeks before during their first fuck session. He pushed and pulled, back and forth for a few minutes before he was able to fit most of his cock into her. He could hear Katara both panting and moaning, in both pleasure and pain as Sokka was able to fit more and more of himself into her. Eventually, Sokka was able to wiggle his entire cock into her; it was a tight fit and was obviously causing Katara some pain. Sokka however, wasn’t a very considerate lover; his needs usually outstripped any of his partner’s needs. He pulled almost all the way out of Katara, making her groan at his sudden withdrawal, and then plunged his entire length back into her in one push. As he picked up his pace he felt one of his feet lose its place making him nearly fall, but he was able to keep most of his cock in his little sister.

“Screw this” said Sokka in anger, “Let’s finish this on the beach Katara”.

Katara could barely hear her brother as he whispered his advice in her ear, the feeling of her brother’s cock in her gripping pussy was commanding all of her concentration.

Sokka pushed her, with his cock still firmly inside of Katara, towards the water’s edge and the sandy beach. When he finally shuffled his way to the beach, he lifted up her leg as high as he could and twisted her body around with his cock still in her so he could face her directly. He laid her down on the soft sand and lifted her legs up in the air a little to get better leverage. With his hands holding her legs in place, Sokka started to slam up and down, in and out of his little sister for another ten minutes before Katara interrupted his pleasure.

“Not inside me this time Sokka!” Katara said with contempt in her eyes. She had seen the strain on his face building and decided it was best to remind him not to blow his creamy load inside of her again. She had had enough of people cumming in her without her express permission and this time she would make sure it didn’t happen again.

Sokka nodded his head in reluctant agreement and continued to pound his little sister with all his strength. Eventually, the powerful urge to cum was taking over Sokka and he decided that if he couldn’t blow his load inside of Katara, he wanted to make his ending as picture perfect as possible. Sokka pulled out of his sister, making Katara sigh in displeasure, letting her legs fall to the sand. He quickly shuffled himself up to Katara’s chest, so she was straddling her. He grasped her perfect tanned tits and squeezed them together right before he moved his cock in between them.

Katara smiled at what she knew he was going to do.

Sokka spit down on his cock and Katara’s tits to get even more lubrication for the friction being created by the constant rubbing. He was building some serious speed before he felt the release come over him. He gave one more push and sprayed a few thick wads of his cum onto her upper chest, chin and face. The orgasm was fairly large; Katara’s beauty usually inspired her lovers to squirt voluminous amounts of cum either in or on Katara. This time was no different, and when he finished, he sighed in relief and got off of Katara’s chest.

Instead of simply bending the cum on her chest and face into her mouth, Katara decided to use her fingers to scoop Sokka’s cum from her skin.

“Thanks sis, You’re the best” Sokka said with a smile on his face as he got up and made his way over to Katara’s discarded robe where he picked it up and rubbed his excess cum off his dick and into the material. Sokka laughed a little at the state of her clothing, but knew that as long as Katara was getting cock, she didn’t really care what she looked like. Sokka then made his way over into the water and picked up his pants and underwear from the water, putting them on, and making his way back into the trees to find some prey that he would able to eat.

Katara remained lying on her back on the hot sand, scooping the final globs of cum from her face before licking her fingertips off and standing up. She made her way to the water and washed herself off one more time before picking up her cum stained robes. She was about to clean them when she heard some crashing and Toph shouting. Worried for Aang’s safety, she threw on her stained robes and ran towards Aang and the disturbance.

Aang’s morning had started out bad, he tried his hardest to earthbend, but nothing was happening. To make matters worse, Toph was all over his back about getting it right. Aang could bare the abuse he received from Toph when Katara was around but when she made her way to the small pond. Toph was being particularly hard on Aang about his failed earthbending attempts, so much so, that Aang was starting to get angry with his new Seefu Master.

Aang unable to control the burning rage inside of him decided that if she wanted to act like such a bitch, than he would treat her like one. As she started to yell at him again, Aang turned around and used his airbending to knock Toph into a stone ledge. She hit the stone hard and fell to the ground in some pain. She lay crunched up in a ball with her ass sticking up into the air. Aang wasn’t really looking to get some pussy, he really only wanted to slap her around a little until she knew what her role was. Aang made his way over to Toph and took hold of her belt. He tore the belt off with some effort, lifted up her dress, pulled off her pants and saw a tiny yellow thong with flowers on it. Toph’s ass was still as white as ever, and just as perfect as he last remembered it. Aang wasn’t in the mood to pleasure Toph like the last time though, this time he wanted to punish the domineering smug bitch.

Toph was in real pain, she must have broken a couple ribs after hitting the stone ledge unexpectedly. She could feel Aang pulling at her belt and lifting up her dress, but there was little she could do about it at the moment, her ribs hurt far too much to move at the moment.

Toph needed to be punished and Aang had just the method to accomplish that; he raised his right hand and slapped her ass as hard as he could causing a red mark in the form of a hand to appear on her white ass cheek.

“OWWWW!” cried Toph. The sudden surprise slap had both caused her ass to sting and her ribs to hurt even worse. “What is it, you think you’re doing twink—” Toph started.

“Smack”, Aang slapped her again before she could finish her sentence. “Shut it, Seefu Toph! It’s time for you to learn a lesson” Aang said with a smirk on his face. Aang continued to punish Toph’s little white ass for ten more minutes until her ass was completely red and close to bleeding.

“Stop! Owww! Please stop!” pleaded Toph as she turned her head towards Aang and begged him with her eyes.

Aang believed that she had learned most of her lesson and decided that her ass had paid enough of the hefty price. With Toph’s ass still sticking up in the air, Aang pulled down his pants and underwear to expose his hard 6 inch cock.

Toph was relieved that Aang had stopped slapping her ass long enough for her to catch her breath. However, when she turned her head back to see what Aang was doing, she saw him pull out his rock hard cock and aim it at her swollen pussy. Toph opened her eyes in both surprise and fear at what he was about to do to her as he tore away her little panties.

The shock Aang saw in Toph’s eyes was all the incentive he needed to go ahead and teach Toph her final lesson. Aang pressed the head of his cock at the small entrance to her tight pussy. Aang wasted no time in penetrating her moist folds to feel the warmth of Toph’s vagina.

Toph groaned at the unwanted penetration, but accepted that in her current state of health, she had little choice in the matter. She could feel and hear Aang pushing and moaning as he pushed harder and harder into her with little remorse. Her upper torso and lower ass was in such pain that resistance was made virtually impossible.

Aang was a little disappointed that she wasn’t resisting, the struggle would have made it all the hotter, but the pressure exerted on his cock by Toph’s young pussy was enough to make him want to fuck her brains out. After ten minutes of struggling to fit his entire six inches into her, Aang was finally able to fit it all the way into her. Aang was getting tired of the position he was in and decided it was time to switch things up before he blew his load. Aang bent over Toph’s back, with his cock still in her, and used both of his arms to wrap around her chest and pull her backwards until he was on his back and she was sitting on his lap with his cock entirely inside her.

“UNNNHHHH” screamed Toph, both because Aang had pulled on her injured chest and because she had just came all over Aang’s cock from his deep penetration.

Aang felt her juices run down his cock, turning him on even further. With his hands placed on her hips now, he lifted her up and down on his cock, increasing his speed with the extra lubrication.

“God Dammit” moaned Toph, ‘I’m a great earthbending teacher, you’re still rock hard’ thought Toph. Toph had started to enjoy the cock slamming she was getting after squirting all over Aang’s cock.

Aang couldn’t believe that she was actually starting to enjoy her punishment. ‘What a slut’ thought Aang as he continued to bounce her up and down on his cock. The strain of her pussy clamping down on his cock was taking its effect on Aang. He could feel a surge of endorphins coming over himself, an impending release was imminent at this point. He just had to decide where he wanted his damn to burst all over. Aang knew that she would enjoy getting a face full of his warm seed too much and the only way to make sure she didn’t have the pleasure of eating his cum was to deposit it somewhere that she couldn’t get to.

“UNNNGGGGGHH” grunted Aang as he deposited his hot sticky cum into the deepest part of her pussy. He had jammed his cock as deep into her as possible before spraying his seed into the young earthbender.

“Awwwww” said Toph disconcertedly, wanting to swallow her student’s warm semen. She had liked the taste of a man’s cum ever since her early fuck sessions with Master Yu. The prospect of swallowing down a warm load of the avatar’s seed was what Toph had been waiting for ever since she had reached her orgasm. Instead, she felt the warm sensation of Aang filling her tiny womb up with large amounts of his potent seed. She knew she couldn’t get pregnant, but the sensation of someone cumming inside her, never really did it for her on any level. Toph gradually pushed herself to her feet and removed Aang’s shrinking cock from her cum coated pussy. A small amount of his cum had rolled out with his cock and Toph heard it hit the ground. She quickly bent over, feeling the pain in her ribs, and scooped up the semen that had fallen from her leaking pussy.

“Ummmm” said Toph in her smuggest voice as if to say that she had won in the end.

As Toph stood up again, Aang used his right hand to smack her red ass one more time to show her who was really in charge.

“OWWWWWWWW!” Toph shouted at the top of her lungs. With a sense of humility, Toph pulled down her dress, put on her pants and turned around to see Aang getting dressed as well.

“Shall we get back to work then” said Aang with a sense of superiority in his voice.

“Aang! Are you alright?” Katara yelled as she ran towards Aang and Toph. As she made it to them, she could hear Toph berating him for being too soft. Aang looked dejected, and Katara had heard enough. She grabbed Aang’s hand and led him away as Toph stomped away looking a little rigid and stiff.

“It’s alright Aang, you need to work on your waterbending now anyway” Katara said.

“How about we get changed into our bathing suits and meet at the pond to practice” Katara suggested.

“Sure” said Aang dejectedly.

Five minutes later, Aang made his way down to the little pond to meet with Katara. When he finally got to the pond, he was astonished to see Katara in the skimpiest bikini he had ever seen. Aang got hard immediately after seeing Katara walk into the shallow water and rub water over her tanned body. She was wearing a tiny blue thong and a thin strip of material covering her hard nipples.

“Like what you see?” asked Katara, looking back at the shocked Aang with a sexy smirk on her face.

“Uhunn” murmured Aang still staring stupidly at Katara’s perfect body. He could just make out her hardening nipples under the thin material.

“Well, are you just going to stand there or are you going to come over here and practice your waterbending”

Aang made his way over to Katara in the shallow water with an obvious hard-on tenting his crotch area.

Katara demonstrated a number of new and weird waterbending techniques to Aang even though Aang was barely paying attention. He was constantly staring at her now glistening body in aw.

Noticing that Aang had stopped paying attention to her, she created a whip out of water and whipped Aang’s bathing shorts off in one stroke, revealing Aang’s 6 inch cock. Katara licked her lips at the sight of Aang’s now naked body, but before she had time to think about what she was going to do with him, Aang had created his own whip and whipped off both Katara’s top and thong.

“How about showing me some of those new waterbending techniques Aang” Katara said sexily. As she said this, she got onto her knees and turned around, presenting her ass and pussy to Aang.

Aang didn’t need another invitation before he created a long water tentacle and drove it straight into her tight pussy.

“Unngghh” squealed Katara as she felt the water tentacle penetrate her deeply. She enjoyed the sensation of the cold water penetrating her, but she knew she’d rather have a hard cock instead.

Almost as if Aang had read her mind, he turned the tip of the tentacle into ice and jammed it as far into her as possible. Aang heard her squeal again and could see a liquid running down her inner thigh.

Aang was getting too horny to simply pleasure Katara from a distance; he wanted to get into the action, so he removed the ice tipped tentacle from Katara’s sopping wet pussy and jammed it straight into her tiny ass hole. Aang heard her scream in shock as he made the tentacle wiggle its way down four or five inches. Still waterbending the ice cock into Katara, Aang made his way to Katara’s ass and got onto his knees where he pointed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her gaping pussy and pushed himself into her all the way to the hilt of his cock.

Katara barely made a noise as Aang jammed his cock into her; the ice tentacle had loosened her up considerably. She was still panting hard from the pain and pleasure she was feeling from the ice tentacle being jammed into her ass.

Aang continued to pleasure both of Katara’s holes for another ten minutes before he could feel the pressure in his groin beginning to build. Katara had just cum again a couple of minutes earlier and Aang was ready to finish up as soon as he could. The last few moments before he was about to come, Aang had lost concentration and the ice tentacle had broken off in Katara’s ass.

“UNGGGHHH” moaned Aang in pleasure as he came inside of Katara’s pussy. Aang deposited a good four loads of his warm sperm into Katara’s clutching pussy.

Katara was taken off guard by the warm sensation of Aang’s cum compared to the icy cold tentacle jammed in her ass.

Aang sighed in both pleasure and relief as he finished up inside of Katara. Aang gripped the top of the ice tentacle still in Katara’s gaping ass and jammed it as far down her ass as possible, making her explode all over Aang’s deflating cock.

When Aang pulled out of Katara’s pussy, a rush of both Aang’s cum and Katara’s juices ran out of her pussy and down her leg into the water. Katara had a smile on her face as she saw Aang stand up with satisfaction plastered all over his face.

“I think I’m going to try earthbending again” Aang said confidently, “Thanks Katara, you helped me”.

With that, Aang walked away, back to camp to get dressed and ready for his next earthbending lesson with Toph.

Katara remained there with her ass in the air for a few minutes, letting Aang’s cum leak out of her pussy. Katara could still feel the ice tentacle jammed in her ass, but decided to leave it inside her for the cold sensation. Katara bent the cum from her pussy and streamed it into her open mouth. She gulped it down without hesitation and licked her lips in pleasure. Katara would eventually pick herself up and make her way over to her two-piece swimming suit. Unfortunately, both pieces were torn down the sides, so she decided to leave them there for any pervert to pick them up. Completely naked, with a large ice tentacle in her ass, Katara made her way back to camp to put her ragged and cum stained water tribe dress back on.

As Aang and Katara fucked in the pond, Sokka had been searching for some meat to eat. He had finally found a small meat creature right out in the open, which was unaware that it was being stocked. Sokka made his way a tall tree, right above the little meat creature. He was going to pounce on the creature in one strike without it ever knowing what happened.

Like most of Sokka’s plan, it didn’t turn out very well when he attempted to pounce on the small creature and instead of killing it; he would get wedged into the ground.

As Sokka struggled to free himself from the vice like earth trapping him in the parching hot sun, Toph had been walking back to the camp when she felt Sokka pounce on the ground and scream in anguish. Toph ran towards Sokka to make sure he was alright when she felt that he was actually wedged in the earth.

“Ha aha ha ha ha” laughed Toph, “Having some problems there Snoozles”.

“”HA HA HA” laughed Sokka sarcastically, “Could you help me out here, I’m hot and hungry!”

“Sure Sokka, but you’ve got to help me out first” Toph responded with a sly look on her face.

“Huh!” pondered Sokka quizzically.

In only seconds, Toph had pulled off her pants, lifted up her dress and had sat on Sokka’s face, smothering him with her tiny wet pussy.

“Mmmf mmm mmmm” murmured Sokka into Toph’s dripping pussy.

“I’m hot and you’re hungry, it’s a perfect matc—-Unngghh” stuttered Toph as she felt Sokka’s tongue penetrate her.

Sokka wasn’t quite ready when Toph squatted on his face without any panties, but in only a few seconds he had picked up a good rhythm of moving his tongue up and down and in and out of her increasingly wet pussy.

Toph had been horny as hell since Aang had given her a severe spanking as well as a good fucking. Her raw red ass still hurt from her spanking but it hadn’t taught her any lessons, and the tongue delving in and out of her made her forget all about her red ass. Sokka continued licking her pussy for ten minutes and as Toph started to feel really good, she decided to force Sokka’s tongue even further into her pussy. She put all her weight in one movement onto his face and Toph felt Sokka’s long tongue reach new and exhilarating depths.

“UNGGGHHH” cried Toph as she squired all over Sokka’s face.

Sokka had known it was coming as soon as Toph had forced her pussy down on his face even further than before; the rush of liquid into his open mouth had caught him off guard. The volume of Toph’s juices was immense and in seconds, Sokka was struggling to breath with juices running down his chin and onto the dry earth.

“Holy shit!” yelled Sokka as Toph stood up still shaking violently and squirting all over the place.

“Oh my god that was good!” sighed Toph as she came down.

Just as she finished putting her pants back on, Toph could feel and hear Aang coming their way. Without even telling Sokka what she was doing, Toph ran for cover before Aang could see her.

Sokka continued to lick up the juices on his chin when he saw Toph run off and Aang coming in the distance.

After a short confrontation with the little meat creature’s mother and some nagging from Toph, Aang was finally able to earthbend. After freeing Sokka from the ground and dragging him to his feet, Sokka grabbed Toph’s ass and squeezed.

“You owe me one” said Sokka letting go of her ass and walking away.

When Sokka and Aang had left and Katara had joined up with Toph, Katara asked Toph, “You tried the positive reinforcement, didn’t you?”

“Yep, it worked wonders” replied Toph as she rubbed her own ass.

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