Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Avatar: Exclusive Medicine – Chapter 1

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Avatar: Exclusive Medicine – Chapter 1

“Oh… My stomach… Is that you Bumi?”

“Yes Aang. It’s me.”

“Bumi… I don’t think I’ll make it… I’ll be with you in the spirit world soon old friend…”

“Aang, Bumi’s not dead. He’s in the room with us right now…” Sokka explained.

“Sokka? Is that you?” Aang asked, clutching his stomach beneath the covers. The poor little guy had been in bed for the past 3 weeks sweating, throwing up, and moaning. No one could figure out what was wrong with the little dude.

“Yes Aang, it’s me. I’m here for you buddy…” Sokka whispered, trying to comfort his poor friend. “… Sokka? Is that you?” Sokka grimaced. “He’s not getting any better.” “Why don’t we ask Momo what to do?” Bumi suggested. Toph groaned, “Bumi, we keep telling you. Momo died two years ago! How you out-lived him I’ll never know.”

“There’s got to be something we can do…” Zuko pondered, stroking his long beard. Not a Sozin-style beard, more like an Iroh-style. “Will you please shave that damn beard!” Mai shouted. She, admittedly, didn’t really know the Avatar that well. This wasn’t too upsetting to her… then again, nothing really was…

“I like my beard…” Zuko mumbled as Katara paced back and forth. “I wish there was something we could do. Even my water healing doesn’t seem to do any good.” Katara hated the current situation. It was the first time their entire group had been together in the past 4 years, after defeating the Phoenix King (Except for burying Momo. It turns out Sokka was right. Appa did want to eat him.)

“Maybe he’s not really sick,” Sokka suggested. “This could be some kind of Avatar-illness.” Ty Lee’s head instantly sported a torch above it (They don’t have light bulbs, after all.) “I did notice something was wrong with his aura, but I thought it was just because he felt bad. But it’s not unheard of for someone’s chi system to get damaged enough to cause physical illness…” “If that’s the case, maybe my uncle can tell us what’s going on…” Zuko offered. “I’ll get on Appa and ask him to come take a look at Aang.”

Two days later, Appa landed, carrying his chubby passenger and bearded passenger. “I hear that Aang isn’t feeling well. I’ve seen quite a bit in my time, so I may know what’s wrong with him,” the old man declared to the group of friends. “Please sir, he’s right this way,” Katara said, taking Iroh by the arm to lead him to Aang.

“Oh my Spirits… I think… I think I’m going to… HROWAH!” Iroh was splattered with Avatarial chunks. “This is disgusting… But it’s more or less told me what’s wrong with him. Katara, could you come speak to me in private?”

Katara instantly became worried. What if this disease was fatal? She hurriedly followed Iroh into the kitchen to speak. “Katara… does Aang go into the Avatar state very often?”

Katara had to think about this question… for all of two seconds… Post-war Earth had taken a lot of Avatar power to turn peaceful… But Aang did abuse the power quite a bit… 3 months ago to carve a mountain into a statue of himself… 2 months ago to surf the world’s biggest tidal wave… 1 month ago to get a jar of cookies off the shelf (Damn near took out their whole kitchen…)

“Yeah… He does use it from time to time…” “I thought so… This happens to Avatars who abuse the Avatar state. You see, the Avatar State requires huge amounts of chi, more than one body, even an Avatar, could produce. So, in order to generate the power necessary, the body draws in chi from all around. Aang has spent so much time in the Avatar State, that even in his normal state, he is constantly drawing in chi. His illness is caused by his body not able to process all of that chi. It is trying to sweat and vomit it out, but it’s not enough.”

“So, how do we cure it?” Katara asked anxiously.

“Well, the good news is that it will wear off in about another week.”

Katara sighed in relief.

“The bad news is that it will have killed him in about 4 days.”


“The only way to stop Aang from dying is to have him lose so much chi that his body will be able to make it through the week without overloading, and the only way to do that is to have him constantly expend chi faster than his body can produce it.” Iroh explained. “So, he just has to bend a bit?” Katara asked. “No. In Aang’s present state, he is physically incapable of bending, plus even if he could, the action would only slow the rate of chi gain, not stop it, and that’s not enough. There’s only one way to save Aang’s life.”

Iroh bent forward to whisper his secret knowledge into Katara’s ear. Katara was shocked, to say the least. “Oh… Well, we are married so… we have done that before,” she stuttered out. “I’m afraid it’s not that simple.” Iroh revealed woefully. “Oh no…” Katara moaned. “At this point, Aang has gained so much chi, that the drainage will have to last for a significantly long time. At least 72 hours. And the drainage must be constant. Your body will give out long before it’s time…” Katara’s eyes widened in realization.

“You don’t mean…”

“You’re going to need some help…”

Being the Avatar’s wife sucked…


Katara marched into the room like a woman possessed, angry like a ferocious Croco-lizard. “Zuko, Sokka, Bumi… GET OUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!” “SHE’S GONE FERAL! RUN!” Bumi shouted, oddly aware of the situation, for once. The boys were soon out of the room. “Katara, what’s going on?” asked Suki.

So, Katara explained. She explained the nature of Aang’s disease, how to cure it, and that she needed her help. “But, what exactly are we supposed to do to make Aang expend chi?” Ty Lee asked. She could only think of one thing, but Katara certainly couldn’t mean that.

“I’ll show you” was Katara’s response…

Slowly, but surely, she started marching towards Aang. Her hand slid up to her robe, undoing her sash, letting her dress fall to the ground. Her bindings were next, floating to the ground, revealing her massive breasts, which burst forth like a waterfall that had been contained by a dam, but was finally set free.

Dear Spirits, she did mean that…

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