Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Sokka for enjoy

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Sokka for enjoy


Sokka practices his Staff attacks, smacking it into a tree once more. He’s been at it for over 3 hours, striking the base of the tree so many times; it’s almost ready to teeter over. Several yards away the others are making camp. Aang & Katara are setting up their own tents, while Toph stands to the side, practicing her own Earth-Bending skills. After a while, Katara looks over to her brother, and becomes worried about him. She drops what she’s doing and goes over to him, followed behind by Aang.

“Chopping down the tree so we can have wood for fire?” She asks jokingly. But the word ‘Fire’ only enrages him more. He lets out a fierce strike with his staff, enough to finally topple the tree & sending crashing to the ground.

“Whoa.” Aang says, shocked. “Cool!”

“Aang…” Katara says, quieting him before she turns back to her brother. “Sokka, this isn’t about that battle earlier, is it?”

“No.” He replies, somewhat coldly.

Katara can tell he’s lying. “Look, you took down almost a dozen Fire Navy troops single handedly. Not many warriors can say that.”

“Yeah.” Aang adds. “And you didn’t even have Elemental-Bending Powers like me & Katara &…” Sokka’s grip on the staff begins to tighten to that of a vice grip. Katara quickly interrupts before he gets angrier.

“Look, whatever Azula told you, it’s not true.” She tells him. “What did Azula say to you, anyway?”

Sokka takes a deep sigh and calms down. “Look, I’m OK. I just…I just wanted to get in some more training, that’s all. I’ll join you in a bit.”

Katara smiles warmly, feeling assured that her brother will do as he said. She pats him on the shoulder and goes back over to the campsite & Toph. Aang is about to follow after her, when he gives a few words of advice to Sokka. “Hey, just because you don’t have any Bending powers, doesn’t mean you’re no less of a warrior.” He tells him. “In fact, you’re more of a warrior than I am.”

With that, Aang runs back over to the campsite and goes back to helping out Katara. Sokka ponders on the words Aang spoke to him. They ring true to him, but they don’t dissolute the doubts. “If I’m so much of a warrior…why isn’t Yue still with us?”

His mind begins to wander back, not just to the point where he lost his love, Princess Yue, but to what Katara spoke of earlier. The Fire Nation planned to scorch a small Earth Village, and sent a few dozen troops to see it through. But they were ambushed by himself & the rest of the gang, along with a few Earth Elite Soldiers. Sokka was in rare form, as he used the rage from his mother’s death to fuel his fighting. Almost a dozen were taken out at his hand alone. Sokka even took on Azula hand-to-hand, and seemed to be winning the fight until she activated her Fire-Bending powers. A well-placed Fire Blast floored him, almost scarring his chest. He would’ve been burned alive if not for Katara coming to his aid. The burn area on his chest still hurts, but not nearly as much as what Azula told him when he said she wasn’t fighting fair.

“Why should I waste my time fighting a lowly warrior like yourself? You don’t even have Elemental Bending powers. Face it; you’re the weakest link of your chain. And when it breaks…you’re friends & family will fall just as hard as you do.”

It’s those very words that drive him right now, as he lifts up his Staff and begins his training on another tree, focusing on making himself stronger.

Later that Night…

It’s two in the morning. At least it looks that way from how the moon is positioned. Everyone in camp is dead asleep. Katara is in her tent, Aang is lying comfortably against his flying bison Appa, and Toph has made herself a makeshift tent out of the earth, and is sleeping in it. Sokka is resting in his sleeping bag, but is wrestled out of his slumber.


He sits up, covered in a cold sweat. A nightmare about his death at the hands of the Fire Nation was the cause. He looks around and sees that everyone else is resting well. “I’m not gonna get back to sleep.” He says to himself. “Might as well get in some more training.”

He unzips himself out of his sleeping bag and gets to his feet. Grabbing his Spear, he makes his way over to his training spot, but stops in his tracks when he hears a familiar voice.

“Going somewhere, ponytail?”

It’s Toph, much to Sokka’s surprise. She peaks her head out of her makeshift tent. “Wait a minute, how can you even see me when it’s this dark out?” Instead of answering, Toph just knocks a few times on the ground, reminding Sokka of who she is. “Oh right, the Earth-Bending thing.”

“Isn’t it a little late to go hunting?” Toph asks.

“Look, I’m just going to train in the woods a little more.” He tells her. “So don’t make a big deal about it.”

“Alright.” She answers, disregarding it, much to Sokka’s shock again.

“Um…O…K. Good. Thanks.” He says, about to walk off. But he turns back to her for one more thing. “Oh yeah, and please don’t tell Katara I’m doing this. She’ll get all…motherly!”

“Don’t worry, ponytail. My lips are sealed.” She says, turning over & away from him. As he walks off towards the woods, a small yet devious smile slowly creeps onto Toph’s face. “Until morning.”

Sokka doesn’t hear her, and continues to venture into the woods. After a few minutes of walking, he finally spots a huge tree, one that he was looking for. “This one should stay up a lot longer.” Flipping his Staff into position, he prepares to start his training when he hears a rustling high above him in the branches. He immediately looks up, and sees nothing but the half-moon shining down through the trees.

“Heh, must be my imagination.” Sokka says to himself. He gets into his stance, but hears the rustling above him again. Convinced that someone is there watching him, he calls them out.

“OK, Toph. If that’s you, I will throw a rock at you.” He warns. “And you won’t see it!” There’s no answer, and Sokka starts to think that it’s not one of his friends. His thought is confirmed, as a figure comes barreling down out of the trees and pounces on top of him. As Sokka looks up at his ambusher, he can only make out a wide, joyous grin. But it’s more than enough for him to identify her. It’s Ty Lee, friend of Azula’s, and member of the Fire Nation.

“What the hell?” Sokka says. “This is an ambush, isn’t it?”

“Nope, just me alone tonight.” She says, in her usual cheery mood. She rolls off of him and climbs to her feet, as does Sokka. But he quickly retreats into his fight stance, ready for anything.

“Like I’m supposed to believe you. Like I’m supposed to believe anyone from the Fire Nation!” He says, his voice in more of a serious tone.

Ty Lee can tell Sokka’s not in a joking or sarcastic mood, as his aura is glowing red. “It looks like you didn’t enjoy our last meeting.” She says, also getting serious.

“Gee, you think?” Sokka says, still showing his sarcasm. “If you’re not here to take me into your Fire Lords, then leave. I don’t want to be bothered tonight.”

“Aw, what’s wrong with a little bothering?” She says, quickly switching back into her playful mood. She lunges at him and unleashes dozens of strikes, each with her 2 fingers extended out. She means to paralyze him as she’s done times before, but Sokka is more than ready this time. He fends off each attack with ease, and backs up to get some distance from her.

“So you are trying to take me to Azula!” He says.

“Nope!” She responds, grinning widely. “Just wanna have a little fun.” She attacks again, this time more ferociously. Sokka has a harder time fending off her paralyzing attacks. The pace quickens, almost to a lightning speed. After dozens of shots are traded, Ty Lee lands a shot in Sokka’s shoulder, immediately disabling it. But Sokka anticipated it. He knocks her back, leaps back to get even more distance, then begins to punch the spot she landed her attack.

“UGH! UGH! UGH!!!” He smashes his fist into his shoulder 8 times, until finally the effect is gone. It’s a severely painful technique, but he’s able to move his shoulder again with no problem. Ty Lee is impressed by what she just witnessed.

“Cool! That’s unique.” She says, grinning.

“Yeah, well I’m ready for any of your paralyzing moves.” Sokka tells her.

“Aw, what’s wrong? Not having any fun?” She asks.

“Fun?! You call trying to paralyze me Fun?!” He responds.

“Yep! And you’re doing a great job stopping me.” She answers, giving him a thumbs up. This just makes Sokka even more confused.

“You know what? I’m done!” He says, turning his back on her. “I don’t have time for your games and…WHOA!!!” She attacks once more, this time at full speed. Her acrobatic background is being shown to it’s fullest. It takes all of Sokka’s skills to evade and deflect each & every one of her blows. She comes close to landing a paralyzing blow to his neck, but Sokka stops her fingers mere inches away. Before she can counter with her other hand, Sokka grabs it, then pulls her close to him.


There’s a long pause between the two, as they stare at each other. Ty Lee doesn’t try to break free. Instead, she becomes lost in his eyes, and in the moment. As they stand there, close to each other, as the moonlight shines down upon them…she kisses him. It’s the most passionate kiss Sokka has ever had. It begins to melt away at the hatred & the rage that burned inside of him, and fuels the fire of his lust. But logic is in control, as he pushes her away.

“OK, just what the hell is going on here?” He asks, more confused than ever. “Are…are you Bi-Polar?”

She doesn’t answer. Instead, she just lunges forward and kisses him again, just as passionately as before. Her arms wrap around him, and she forces his head closer, smothering his lips with hers. Sokka becomes lost in the moment himself, and embraces her tightly. His hands roam downward and palm her ass, as she wraps her leg around him. They stay this way for moments on end, until balance comes into play and they fall to the ground. Sokka lands with his back to a tree, and Ty Lee on top of her. A minute later, she finally breaks the kiss.

“My Karma needs renewing.” She tells him. “And I can tell your aura needs cleansing, along with mine.”

“Karma? Aura? What are you talking about? Wha…” He’s cut off once he feels where her hands are going…into his pants. She grips his manhood, which startles him. As she moves down his body Thoughts of Yue & Suki roam through his mind, and he immediately says something.

“Wait. What are you doing?” He says. “You’re…you’re Fire Nation! And I’m from the Water Tribe. Plus I have a girlfriend. I mean, I think I do. I think…” She puts her hand over his mouth to shut him up, then leans in close to him and grins.

“You think too much.” She says. “Relax. Like I said, its just Aura cleansing.” Focusing her attention back to ‘little Sokka’, she moves back down his body and begins to stroke his Cock gently. She then wraps her lips around it, before taking it inside of her mouth. Her tongue moves slowly, making circles around the head as she goes lower and takes in some of his shaft. She lets out a subtle moan, indicating that she’s enjoying this moment. Sokka however, feels like his heart is about to jump out of his chest. Half of him wants to enjoy this, longing to release the tension caused by 24 hour running & hiding from multiple enemies. But the other half stays on guard, wary that this all could be a trap to weaken him, so that he can be captured along with his friends. But as Ty Lee continues to suck & lick his hardening Rod, he becomes more conflicted.

“I…I can’t do this.” He thinks to himself. “She’s the enemy! She’s Fire Nation and…and…oh damn, she’s so good.”

At this moment, Ty Lee forces the rest of his pipe into her mouth, Deep Throating him like a professional. She stays like this for over a minute, before pulling back. It just accelerates Sokka, as now he’s close to hitting his limit. She bobs her head at a quick pace now, tightening her lips around his shaft and working her tongue around at a feverish pace. Sokka grits his teeth and tries to hold on, but it’s useless. As soon as Ty Lee pulls his Cock out of her mouth, he lets loose, spraying his load all over he face. After an awkward moment of silence, she looks up at him wide-eyed.

“Heh, sorry.” Sokka tells her, smiling nervously. “I tried to hold back.”

“Hmmm, you had a lot of backed up negative energy within you.” She says, as the smile slowly creeps back onto her face. “Let’s see if we can make some more come out.” She stands up, grabs her pants and slowly pulls them down, almost as if she was teasing Sokka. Letting them drop to the ground, she steps out of them, revealing her wet snatch, ready & waiting to be penetrated. She kneels back down and straddles him, positioning herself so that his member rests against her stomach. But instead of inserting his Cock, she hits the shaft in three places with her fingers, almost like a paralyzing move. This makes Sokka uneasy.

“Uh, what you just did won’t make my Dick fall off…will it?” He asks, concerned.

Ty Lee just giggles. “You know, you’re cute AND funny.” She says, raising herself up, then lowering herself onto his now Rock Hard Rod. She closes her eyes and lets the sensation of having a Cock inside of her wash over her. Her grin becomes even wider, and she begins to rock her hips, beginning the friction. Sokka, feeling clueless about what’s going on, finally gives him. Putting his hands on his hips, he starts thrusting into her pussy with reckless abandon. Ty Lee becomes even more excited, and cheers him on.


Her toes begin to curl slightly, as the sound of flesh pounding flesh fills the woods. But the two are still far enough away that Sokka’s friends won’t hear them. Ty Lee lifts up her top, exposing her round, perky breasts out into the moonlight. Her hair is becoming frizzy, and beads of sweat form on her body. Sokka’s deep into the moment himself, as his strokes become more forceful. He drives deeper & deeper into her, grunting with each thrust.

“Oh, man. I never knew that you were this tight.” Sokka says.

“Physical Training.” Ty Lee tells him. “It helps.”

The two are now grunting & and moaning almost in unison. Sokka’s face is buried in her bare bosom, as Ty rides him wildly like a mechanical bull. It goes on for minutes on end, a time spent together that seems to go on forever for the two. But it comes close to an end, as Ty starts to approach her limit.

“Oh…Oh God! I feel the universe is beckoning me to…CUM!!!” And she does. She hits her climax harder than she ever has in her life. It causes her to lose her balance for a moment, and she falls forward landing on Sokka. She tries to catch her breath as she sits back up, her smile turning to a pleased one. Sokka, on the other hand, is anything but.

“Uh, it’s good that you got your orgasm,” he tells her, “but what about me? I feel like I’m gonna explode!”

She giggles again, before performing an acrobatic hop off of his Rod. She lands with it right in front of her, and gives it 2 quick strikes. A moment later, Sokka sprays another load of cum onto her, this time hitting her breasts & stomach. Sokka lets out a sigh of relief, exhausted from the experience.

“Man! I’ve never cummed so hard in my life.” He says.

“Glad I could help.” Ty Lee says, hopping back on top of him.

“I…I don’t get it. We’re sworn enemies.” He tells her. “Why would you have freaky sex with me out in the woods?”

“Just because we can’t always control fate, doesn’t mean we’re bound by it.” She answers. “Though we are on different sides, you & I are the same. And tonight, we both needed our auras cleansed. And this is the perfect way!”

“OK, no offense…but you’re a little loopy.” Sokka says, knowing he’s risking her becoming angry and paralyzing him for life. But instead, she just smiles yet again.

“And you’re still a cutie.” She says, before leaning in and kissing him. It’s much softer than last time, but still as passionate. The kiss lasts for a while, and when Ty Lee pulls away, Sokka finds himself drifting off to sleep. She climbs off of him and prepares to journey back to the Fire Nation Camp, before Azula becomes suspicious. As she leaps up to the treetops, she looks back and smiles at Sokka, who’s now in deep sleep.

The Next Morning…


The sound of his name jars him from his sleep. “Wha, huh?” It takes a moment, but the events of last night come flooding back into his mind. “OH, CRAP! I didn’t get back to camp this morning.” Quickly he jumps to his feet and straightens himself up. As he finishes, he can see Katara, Aang & Toph roaming through the woods searching for him. He runs over to meet them. “Katara! I’m right here!”

Katara runs to him and embraces him tightly; glad to see that her brother is alive. “Thank god, Sokka. I thought something happened to you.”

“Easy, sis.” He says. “I’m OK, there’s nothing wrong.” Katara lets go of her brother, then uses her Water-Bending to draw a large amount from a nearby creek. She aims it at Sokka, and splashes him with the whole amount, almost drowning him. Toph begins to laugh hysterically, sensing that Sokka was knocked on his butt.

“HEY! What the hell was that about?” He yells, standing up.

“What were you thinking?” Katara yells back. “Going off by yourself in the middle of the night! You KNOW there are still Fire Nation Troops nearby!”

Sokka turns to Toph and shoots her a cold look, knowing she’s responsible for this. “TOPH!” He says through his teeth. Toph just puts on a look of innocence, and begins to whistle. Katara turns Sokka’s attention back to her.

“You could’ve been captured. Or Hurt! Or even Killed!” She tells him, tears welling up in her eyes. “If you EVER pull a stunt like that, I will freeze you and send you back to the Iceberg field where we found Aang!” Finished with her yelling, she hugs Sokka again, extremely grateful that her brother is still alive.

“Hey…hey, I’m sorry.” Sokka says, realizing how scared his sister was. “OK, I was stupid. I won’t wander off again…I promise.”

Katara lets go and looks up at her brother, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Come on.” She says. “It won’t be long until the Fire Troops find this location, and we need to stay on the ground to avoid detection.” The team moves forward, with Katara & Toph taking the lead. Sokka & Aang hang out in back, as Aang pulls Appa along.

“So why did you go into the woods late last night?” Aang asks.

“I don’t know. I was going to train at first, but then…things just got complicated.” Sokka tells him.

“So did it help you?” Aang says.

“Well…let’s just say my aura has been cleansed.” Sokka says, wearing a smile that is much like Ty Lee’s.

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