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Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Sokka for enjoy

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Sokka for enjoy


Sokka practices his Staff attacks, smacking it into a tree once more. He’s been at it for over 3 hours, striking the base of the tree so many times; it’s almost ready to teeter over. Several yards away the others are making camp. Aang & Katara are setting up their own tents, while Toph stands to the side, practicing her own Earth-Bending skills. After a while, Katara looks over to her brother, and becomes worried about him. She drops what she’s doing and goes over to him, followed behind by Aang.

“Chopping down the tree so we can have wood for fire?” She asks jokingly. But the word ‘Fire’ only enrages him more. He lets out a fierce strike with his staff, enough to finally topple the tree & sending crashing to the ground.

“Whoa.” Aang says, shocked. “Cool!”

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